Sky-gazers wonder at ‘the great conjunction’

All eyes have been on the sky on Mon night as a vibrant globe of sunshine ascended on sky quickly afterwards the sunset. The thing within the sky was gas giant Jupiter, shining at its best, together with its celestial neighbour Saturn. the 2 planets, although hundreds of thousands of kilometres apart, appeared absent from one another by a width of a hair.

Hundreds of fanatics witnessed ‘the grand conjunction’ of the 2 planets with their eyes and by telescope or binoculars.

Dhananjay Raval, a city-based science communicator, mentioned that over 150 individuals participated within the viewing session. “It was a mass event in true sense with buzz about the event preceding it by days,” he said. Sakshi, a Nirma Vidyavihar student, who was a part of the viewing session, mentioned that it was a second of lifetime and she or he desired to witness it. “It takes us nearer to the wonders of nature,” she said.

Bhakti Shah, a resident of Ambawadi, mentioned that her sister, an astronomy aficionado, had knowledgeable the household concerning the conjunction and thus they had been ready with the telescope.
Raval mentioned that the phenomenon might be seen for the following few days and those that couldn’t witness it on Monday can still see it from 6.30pm to 8pm.6.30pm to 8pm.