Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation used up Rs 90 crore on disease management: RTI

In the last five budgetary years between April 2015 to April 2020, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation had spent Rs 90 crore to handle the threat of dengue, chikungunya, intestinal sickness and falciparum jungle fever.

The city had on a normal revealed 18 instances of jungle fever, seven instances of dengue consistently between January 2016 and March 2020. The city likewise detailed five instances of falciparum jungle fever in at regular intervals and four instances of chikungunya in like clockwork.

This was data was uncovered through a RTI inquiry documented by extremist Yash Makwana. Makwana said that the expectation behind recording the inquiry was to see whether the AMC was giving equivalent significance to all different sicknesses well and was not overlooking them during Covid-multiple times.

Makwana said that the apparently the AMC spent gigantic add up to handle jungle fever, dengue and chikungunya yet even from that point forward, the city announced 42 passings between January 2016 and March 2020. Of these 42 passings, three were because of Malaria, eight due to falciparum jungle fever and 31 because of dengue.