Updated Pratt motor on GoAir A320neo creates snag; lands safely in Ahmedabad

An altered Pratt and Whitney (PW) motor on a GoAir Arbus A320neo flying from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad a month ago must be closed down inflight after it built up a tangle.

The flight, G8-710 of September 19, landed securely at its objective. This is conceivably the primary instance of an altered — trade for the exceptionally catch inclined before form or unmodified PW motors for A320neo group of airplane — building up a specialized shortcoming inflight.

A GoAir representative said the issue is under scrutiny and the aircraft won’t have the option to remark on it. Remarks have been looked for from PW and are anticipated.

“A GoAir A320neo (VT-WGK) had a commanded inflight shutdown (IFSD) of engine number 1 while operating as G8-710 on the night of September 19. The aircraft landed safely at Ahmedabad. There was a ‘heat management system fault’ possibly due to engine oil system snag. This aircraft had both modified PW engines. There were no issues of low pressure turbine or vibration (the most common trouble with the unmodified PW engines for Neos),” said a person in the know.

In India, GoAir and IndiGo use PW-fueled A320/321 neos (new motor alternative). Over the most recent couple of years, these motors had a spate of IFSD on A320neo group of airplane. PW at that point found a fix to the issues and afterward built up an adjusted motor.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had given a cutoff time of recently to work just those A320/321neos that have both changed motors under the care of them. Presently both these carriers are working A320neos that have just changed PW motors.