Gujarat: Aamir Khan wonders about Gir superstars, lions

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, who showed up on Saturday in Porbandar, appreciated a lion safari on Sunday morning at Sasan Gir. Reports state he spotted in excess of 10 lions.

After the safari, Khan said that one should visit the safe-haven at any rate once throughout everyday life and named the lions the pride of India. Khan had accompanied approximately 50 individuals including loved ones and remained in the asylum for almost four hours.

Officials said that the actor is remaining at a lodging in Sasan. The star alongside his better half and companions is supposed to be in Gir to praise his marriage commemoration. On Saturday, subsequent to arriving in Porbandar, Khan visited the origin of Mahatma Gandhi where he went through a few hours prior to heading for Sasan.

After the safari, Khan stated, “It was sheer joy to be able to spot the lions in action in their natural habitat.” “This is a royal animal and I will advocate to the people of India to visit Gir and see the lions.” In the visitors’ book, he wrote, “What a wonderful and unique experience I had this morning. This gratitude is to the forest department for carrying out the most important work of conservation. It was our good fortune to spot the King of the Jungle with his entire family.”