G9tro Crowdfunding token launches the world’s first Taiwanese metaverse.

G9tro Crowdfunding token(G9Tro) is helping launch the world’s first Taiwanese metaverse, and it is the biggest project to date for G9Tro starting June 2022. G9tro Crowdfunding token is available on multiple exchanges under its symbol (G9tro). The funding partnership represents over 300,000 members waiting on the official launch date in June or July 2022.

May 30, 2022 the name of the metaverse will be announced on crypto news wires to protect the high-level advanced technology behind the project. The platform is bringing events, concerts, gaming, meta-citizenships, Real Estate projects, to the metaverse. The project has partnered with a high-tech partner in the ticketing industry, which was founded in 2002, and hosts a leading online exchange with over $5.5 billion dollar worth of tickets in its inventory. The metaverse will enable buyers and sellers to exchange tickets to thousands of events with G9tro tokens and the Metaverse parent token to be created for utility on the Binance platform.

The metaverse is quickly becoming a daily conversation due to huge multi-million-dollar investments by Wallstreet and companies like Meta, in which funds are pouring in from major institutional investors. Seven billion humans cannot live without the internet and companies are creating web 3.0 applications daily and Forbes said in its article, the Next Trillion Dollar business is the Metaverse Dec 20, 2021 Forbes.

Major new advancements are about to explode the metaverse project powered by G9tro Crowdfunding tokens. G9tro announcements and tv commercials will compete head-to-head with major metaverse deployments for customer acquisitions in August 2022. The multi-platform project will be designed on the Unity platform and customized with in-house technologies from the Utah and Taiwanese programming teams. G9Tro Crowdfunding tokens are designed to generate sustainable for new projects in the cryptocurrency industry.

G9tro has put their 25 years of global experience, and research, and latest technology to use to help create a metaverse where people are entering the emerging digital world. Metaverse citizenship and education will lead the way in the first phase in June 2022 with crypto education online to help create a digital citizenship model to onboard with free tokens for personal data registrations (web 3.0) which will  grow digital user database on the coming metaverse platform. The world needs a system that provides web 3.0 adaption to phase all people into the metaverse while teaching the features , benefits, and advantages of being an early adopter.

G9tro Crowdfunding token and the metaverse platform has secured an advertising relationship with www.g9tvnetwork.com media network with a fifty country tv distribution commitment reaching 150 million living rooms via Tv commercials, just like Q R codes used by Coinbase during the 2022 Super Bowl commercial receiving over 20 million Q R Code scans in 30 seconds. Go9tro Wireless is a USA-based company that created the G9tro Crowdfunding token wallet to help with innovative technology projects that allows people to benefit global from smart technologies . Web 3.0 businesses are revolutionizing  the digital transformation of the physical world. G9tro Crowdfunding tokens will take its ownership part of the platform so people can join the metaverse revolution by sharing tokenization of data backed to the user.

 For more details go visit : www.g9trocp.com 

Media Contact

Media Contact: Go9Tro Wireless LLC

Contact Person: Wes Rustin

Email: Send Email

Address 1: 5830 E. 2nd Street, Suite 8 Casper WY 82609

Phone: (888) 251-4738

State: Wyoming

City: Casper

Country: United States

Website: https://www.g9trocp.com/

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ELEFAD, Women’s Clothing Line | Formals for Women

Jamboree for women at Elefad

New Delhi, Delhi May 25, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – ELEFAD [ This name is a combination of two different worlds, ” ELE from Elegant and FAD means Trend ” ]. Pronounced as in the native language.

Introducing Elefad, the women’s new clothing line redefines how women dress. The Store offers stylish and comfortable clothing that makes you feel beautiful and confident. From dresses and skirts to blouses and pants, they have everything you need to create chic outfits for any occasion. Elefad is committed to providing quality clothing at an affordable price. They offer a wide range of sizes to fit every body type, and the clothes are made from high-quality materials that are certain to last. If you’re looking for stylish, comfortable, and affordable clothing, Elefad is a perfect choice. Visit the website today to surf the collection of their clothing line and fill your wardrobe with stylish clothes.

Founders | Team

Elefad is founded by two fellows of New Delhi, Tanisha (Founder) and Kartik (Co-Founder) while practicing their first semester of computer science engineering. They decided to be the companions and formed the company with absolute hopes.

Tanisha Pratihast has been working in the fashion industry for two years. She has been a part of the success stories of various brands. Born in August 2001, she dreamed of working as a women entrepreneur. Learning the value of good quality fashion products, she devoted time to exploring the international market & putting up all her time and efforts into the company.

Kartik Bathla has five years of experience in marketing strategies & business branding. He has helped brands Shine My Wheels, Taj Indian Beer, Godly Cloud, and more for building their business & marketing strategies. He devoted time to making the website & planning the growth strategies of the company.

The Elefad team has many talented and experienced professionals in the fashion industry. The team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in design, production, and marketing, and they are all dedicated to creating a successful and sustainable business. The team also includes experienced designers and stylists who help create the perfect look for each collection.

Collection Feed:

We have Blazer, Blouse, Cover-Up, Detachables, Dresses, Jumpsuit, Pants, Playsuit, Shirt, Skirt, Shorts, Two-Piece sets, and more.

Social Listings

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elefadofficial/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/elefad

Twitter: https://twitter.com/myelefad

Formals for women at ElefadBottom Wear for women at ElefadSummer Collection for women at Elefad

Media Contact





Source :Elefad

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Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc at AfroCannes, a conference to promote diversity

It is a subject close to the twins’ heart since they were the target of sexist and insulting remarks by a competitor at the 2021 Dakar Rally. Ever since, they have been working to raise awareness for equality and respect in motorsport and beyond.

Aliyyah and Yasmeen come from a mixed cultural background. Their mother is from the Seychelles and Sudan, their father from the Czech Republique and Vanuatu. They were born in Dubai and have travelled the world from a very young age. They therefore gladly accepted to speak at the conference in Cannes organized by Yanibes, a boutique PR, communication and business consultancy agency founded by Prudence Kolong, on the occasion of the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. AfroCannes was organized to connect films, countries and people from Africa and elsewhere and to promote inclusion and diversity in films and other areas like motorsport.

Aliyyah Koloc spoke about her experience at the conference: “It was a great event with a lot of really nice people! We spoke about diversity in our sport and beyond. With our Equality & Diversity Program we are trying to inspire the young generation to follow their dreams in motorsport and elsewhere.” Aliyyah, who has been diagnosed with Asperger added: “I rarely speak in public about non-motorsport related subjects but it is very important to spread awareness and act on it, so those less fortunate than us can have the same opportunities.”

Her sister Yasmeen Koloc explained: “The event was truly great and a wonderful experience. I got to meet and talk to some very inspiring people. I strongly believe that everybody can make a difference, and with Aliyyah and myself coming from a mixed background, we are hopefully able to pass on our experience, though we are still quite young, to help others to fight for what they want to achieve in life.”

Since the incident at the Dakar Rally, Aliyyah and Yasmeen have been wearing caps with the words #equality, #respect #diversity at all the race meetings they participate in. But they wanted to do more. So together with their team, Buggyra ZM Racing and MFT, a motorsport start-up focused on enhancing diversity in the motorsports industry, they have launched the Equality & Diversity Program last month, a campaign to raise awareness about equality, respect, and diversity in motorsports and to help young racers from unusual backgrounds to become successful in motorsports through the Buggyra ZM Academy Program.

More info: http://www.dakarsistaz.com/aliyyah-and-yasmeen-koloc-at-afrocannes-a-conference-to-promote-diversity-and-inclusion-in-the-film-industry-and-beyond/


Roosikrantsi tn-2-1119
Harju maakond

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Hypoallergenic Wedding Jewelry | Cubic Zirconia/Stainless Steel Pendant Launched

The new necklace makes an ideal wedding gift for brides. It carries a pendant design that reads the word ‘love’ in an attractive, cursive font, with a cubic zirconia gemstone charm attached to the script for heightened impact.

More details can be found at https://riseshed.com/products/love-letters-necklace

The recently launched accessories are available in two hypoallergenic options: 316L stainless steel – widely considered to be allergy-safe for those with silver, zinc, lead, copper, or nickel sensitivity, and an 18K yellow gold finish, which is nickel-free.

The company’s website describes how lab-made cubic zirconia stones provide an ethical alternative to diamonds, the mining of which is surrounded by social and environmental concerns.

Cubic zirconia crystals are a crystalline form of zirconium dioxide that have many of the same aesthetic qualities as diamonds. Together with being more affordable, cubic zirconia has a higher light dispersion rate than that of diamonds, causing a rainbow-effect luster.

The stainless steel chain and pendant are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The alloy metal contains chromium which forms a thin protective layer against environmental damage when exposed to oxygen, making the material a long-lasting choice.

The pendant comes with a chain that can be adjusted between 16 and 22 inches to suit the desired length and fit of the necklace. Pendants are 1 X 0.5 inches in size.

The jewelry is presented in a colorful gift box with card inlay greeting messages that read: “If I know what love is, it is because of you” and “I love you with all my heart, forever and always.” 14K white gold over stainless steel Love Knot stud earrings can be purchased to accompany the necklace.

The gifts can be shipped internationally, and a 2-year protection plan can be added to cover damage to the chain, pendant, and stone. Polishing cloth accessories and do-it-yourself gift wrapping can also be ordered.

RiseShed.com is committed to offering unique, sustainable, and ethically made jewelry. The company’s founder Suzy’s designs are handcrafted to order by moms in the USA utilizing patent-pending technologies.

A satisfied customer said: “My wife loved it. I am currently deployed, and she felt the love that I have for her and how much she’s appreciated because of this gift.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://riseshed.com/products/love-letters-necklace


PO box 939


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Toronto ON Auto Mechanic Comparison | Repair Cost Estimator Service Launched

Research from the University of British Columbia shows that there are nearly 30,000 auto repair shops in Canada, with the majority being small businesses operating without major advertising budgets. Auto Fix Buddy has launched a new tool to help drivers find the best repair shop to suit their needs, whether it’s a large franchise, a locally owned specialty shop, or something in between.

To learn more about Auto Fix Buddy or to find a local repair shop in Toronto, Ontario, please visit https://autofixbuddy.com/en/homes/become_buyer

The Auto Fix Buddy team recognizes that drivers often have no way to compare repair shops other than through their advertising, and has been expanding their service across North America to help level the playing field. Their comparison service allows drivers to search local shops and compare them based on customer reviews, specialty services, nearness, or price quotes.

Drivers can find estimated repair costs, or they can input the make, model, and repairs required to get no-cost quotes or more detailed estimates. The service currently includes thousands of repair shops across Canada, with more signing up every day.

There is no cost to use the service, for drivers or mechanics, though the company offers separate advertising packages for clients. This allows every garage to take part and provides more options for drivers to choose from based on their benefits, rather than their advertising budgets.

After finding a local mechanic based on their prices, ratings, or location, drivers can book an appointment directly through the Auto Fix Buddy service, and arrange payment details when the vehicle is repaired and ready for pickup. They also provide a selection of special offers on their site, where local mechanics can display their deals or seasonal services.

When the repairs are complete, drivers can leave a review, which will help future customers know what to expect. Auto Fix Buddy also hosts a forum where drivers can ask questions about their vehicles, repairs, or issues, and connect with other car enthusiasts or mechanics.

A spokesperson for the company said, “If you’re in the market for a garage in your local area, consider Auto Fix Buddy. We offer all kinds of services, from oil changes to transmission replacement. Our goal is to keep your car on the road and out of the shops. With us, it’s quick and easy to schedule a service.”

For more information about Auto Fix Buddy, please visit https://autofixbuddy.com/en/homes/become_buyer

Auto Fix Buddy
Auto Fix Buddy

597 Leblanc Rd


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Ogden UT Pre-Owned Car Dealership | Used Crossovers/Trucks Selection Updated

The company now provides a wide selection of high-quality pre-owned vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, sedans, and family crossovers. Some of the models they offer include Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, GMC, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Mercury, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

More details can be found at https://www.rockymountainmotorcars.com or https://goo.gl/maps/2vtbysApYVbqAmRZ8

Because quality pre-owned cars are hard to come by, Rocky Mountain Motor Cars also aids buyers in choosing the best car for their needs as part of its expanded offering. They also facilitate the buying process by providing multiple financing options. By providing on-site maintenance services and pre-sale inspections, the company ensures that clients can find suitable vehicles that operate without a problem for a long time.

As prices of new vehicles continue to rise, the option of having a pre-owned car becomes advantageous. It costs less, has low insurance rates, and doesn’t have any hidden fees. Moreover, some of the vehicles sold at Rocky Mountain Motor Cars also come with additional features like roof racks and rust-proof coatings. They are also inspected meticulously to avoid mechanical issues.

With pre-sale inspections and a wide selection of used vehicles, Rocky Mountain Motor Cars strives to provide satisfying customer service. Through the company’s website, prospective buyers can also schedule a test drive with the car that interests them.

In addition to keeping a stock of quality used cars, the company also has a service shop at its premises with experienced mechanics to help keep vehicles running like new. They also follow CDC regulations to ensure the safety of their clients.

About Rocky Mountain Motor Cars

With over 15 years of experience in selling pre-owned vehicles, Rocky Mountain Motor Cars is a dependable group of dealerships that serves clients in Pleasant Grove, Lehi, Layton, Ogden, and other neighborhoods around the Wasatch Front.

For more information, visit https://www.rockymountainmotorcars.com/buy-here-pay-here-ogden-utah

A satisfied client said: “I have purchased 3 vehicles from Rocky Mountain Motor Cars. I have also sent numerous people to Troy over the past 8 years. No matter the issue I had, they worked with me to get it resolved as fast as possible. I recommend this car dealer to anyone looking for high-quality cars.”

Interested parties can find additional information about Rocky Mountain Motor Cars at https://www.rockymountainmotorcars.com/autos

Rocky Mountain Motor Cars
Rocky Mountain Motor Cars
767 S State Rd

Pleasant Grove
United States

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Burlington MA Nutrition Coach | Heavy-Lifting Diet/Fitness Counseling Updated

Mark Ferrara believes that fitness needs a holistic approach. He explains that there is a misconception that people can only lose weight, and keep it off, through exercise only. Instead, he says that nutrition plays a large part in overall wellness and has updated his sports nutrition services to address this need.

More details can be found at https://markferrarafitness.com

The expanded offering is intended to help clients better understand their relationship with their bodies. Instead of working against it, Ferrara says, people should be working with it, eating healthily and with the proper vitamins and minerals for one’s specific body type.

This is especially important for those on their bodybuilding journey. The nutrition coach clarifies that bodybuilders need to pay particular attention to what they eat rather than how much they exercise. While the latter is important, it is the former that determines how much bulk one can gain in the right and healthy way.

Emerging data show that bodybuilding is a steady industry, with a consistent number of people wanting to showcase their bodies on a competitive level. Despite common perception, bodybuilders are told to focus on their nutrition, especially in the creation of a heavy-lifting diet so that they can perform optimally during their competitions.

Mark Ferrara understands this better than most, himself a bodybuilder. He says that his passion for being a nutrition coach stems from the misinformation currently circulating online and in person regarding healthy meals. He says that more people should know what comprises a holistic fitness plan.

He is a certified trained personal trainer who specializes in nutritional counseling.

Ferrara says, “By 13 years old I began learning everything I could relating to health and fitness. I became fascinated with bodybuilding and creating the body into a work of art. I began lifting weights, doing cardio training, and cooking daily. I also spent time studying a few different styles of martial arts as well. 17 years later my passion is stronger than ever and I continue to still learn more each day. “

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://markferrarafitness.com

Mark Ferrara Fitness
Mark Ferrara Fitness

Woburn, MA

United States

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Fayetteville, NC – Parker Pawn & Jewelry – Expert Pawn Shop Services Expand

Now serving residents of Goldsboro, Pinehurst, Sanford, and Southern Pines and the surrounding areas, the company’s expansion leverages over 65 years of operational experience providing high-class pawn shop and loan services to new and existing customers.

More information can be accessed at: https://www.parkerpawn.com/

The latest announcement aligns with Parker Pawn and Jewelry’s vision of providing good quality, trusted, and experienced service to the residents near and around Fayetteville, NC, who wish to sell or pawn personal assets.

The company operates a quick and easy lending process for those who wish to pawn precious metals, gold, jewelry, and diamonds. This means that the customer does not lose their item permanently but uses their item as collateral against their loan.

There are different factors that the company considers when purchasing or lending money against valuable items. For example, the payout depends on the market value of the item, which is determined by its resale properties, the demand for the item, the condition of the item, and the brand.

Parker Pawn and Jewelry typically pay more for items that are deemed easy to sell. Valuable items like fine jewelry, Rolex, luxury handbags, gold, and diamonds are assets that can be liquidated for quick cash.

The pawnshop also has a wide selection of gold jewelry, diamonds, and luxury handbags for sale and can advise customers of the most suitable items in stock, depending on their needs.

Parker Pawn and Jewelry is a trusted lender. Quotes on jewelry, diamonds, and watches are free and customers are under no obligation to sell or pawn unless they choose to do so. All appraisals and transactions are strictly confidential between the member of staff and the client.

The business operates three stores that are managed by experts in the pawn industry. The stores are under a strict policy to not accept stolen goods. Customers are required to show is state-issued identification and a signature when completing a transaction with the company.

Interested parties can access: https://www.parkerpawn.com/

Parker Pawn and Jewelry
Parker Pawn and Jewelry

2898 Owen Drive

United States

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Sydney Travel App Update | Online Itinerary Planner Activities and Private Tours

The internet has provided travelers with a wealth of information about things to do at their destination. However, as the number of travel blogs has grown, the process of researching has become increasingly time-consuming. Using advanced AI algorithms, Outdoorsome’s latest update allows visitors to plan their stay more efficiently.

More details can be found at: https://outdoorsome.com/destinations/sydney/things-to-do

The platform features over 560,000 activities across the world, which can be filtered by destination and category. Users can access it by using the “Activities” tab in the navigation bar.

As with many countries, Australia imposed strict travel restrictions during the pandemic. After almost two years, the country opened its borders to international tourists as of February 21 this year. Unsurprisingly, Sydney retains its position as one of the top destinations.

The unique application draws on data from nearly 2,900 travel blogs and over 14,000 blog posts about the Sydney region. Based on personal preferences and other factors, it then suggests 1-day, 3-day, and 5-day trip itineraries, as well as recommended activities.

Of course, famous sites like the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge feature on the revised listing. However, for those who are staying several days, a number of less well-known attractions are also suggested. These include Centennial Park, Taronga Zoo, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and more.

Attractions can also be filtered by category, with options such as aerial tours, cruises, cultural tours, day excursions, food and entertainment, child-friendly, shopping and fashion, and walking or biking tours. Users can also filter results based on their ratings, as well as price range.

About Outdoorsome

Along with Sydney, Outdoorsome provides travel advice for many global city hotspots, including Rome, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, and more. Indeed, the application now covers over 5,000 destinations globally. Users can refine their search by region and preference, and the machine learning algorithms then rank top attractions based on millions of blog posts.

A company representative recently stated: “Our bots read and analyze the entire travel blogosphere on the internet – over 250 million blog posts – and millions of social media posts made daily by travelers around the world. Our coverage of locations around the globe and the content about those locations is growing by the day.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting https://outdoorsome.com or choosing any other destination in the world on the homepage and browsing the local activities and attractions.


2574 Bess Avenue

United States

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Athens GA Home Lawn Care | Weed/Insect Control Landscaping Services Launched

Homeowners throughout Athens and the surrounding areas now have access to modern landscaping in line with recent industry advances. Utilizing proven technology and methods, Fresh Cut Landscaping is equipped to provide much-needed lawn maintenance and cleanup programs in time for summer.

For more information see https://freshcutathens.com

Its newly updated services ensure that Athens-area residents are able to schedule property care services that meet their needs. Offering options spanning lawn care and mowing to yard cleanup and high-power pressure washing, Fresh Cut Landscaping pledges to help locals in its community maintain a presentable property to take pride in.

With the warmer temperatures brought by the approaching summer season come increased tendencies for families and friends to gather outside in their yards for parties and barbecues. Understanding that lawns commonly experience neglect during wet and wintry conditions, Fresh Cut Landscaping recommends its services for those now in need of professional lawn attention.

Athens homeowners will benefit from the full lawn expertise delivered by Fresh Cut Landscaping, with an experienced team dedicated to keeping residential lawns in top condition throughout the year.

As weeds tend to crop up in the spring months, Fresh Cut Landscaping advises Athens residents that now is the time to arrange professional weed control services. Its lawn carers enforce protective measures to preserve the look of lawns by attacking weeds with professional methods ranging from forceful removal to effective herbicide spraying and more.

Among other advantages, Fresh Cut Landscaping further explains that its comprehensive lawn care procedures can help lawns stay healthy through correctly regulated fertilization, seeding, and insect management.

A company spokesperson elaborated: “Depending on factors such as weather, your lawn may or may not be infested with insects – but they are not all harmful. Knowing which ones are dangerous and as such, need to be exterminated may require our professional attention. Having a lawn care company take a targeted approach to pest removal is a great way to maintain a healthy lawn.”

Interested parties in and around Athens are invited to visit https://freshcutathens.com to learn more about Fresh Cut Landscaping and its full range of residential property and yard maintenance services.

Fresh Cut Landscaping
Fresh Cut Landscaping

117 Hunnicutt Dr

United States

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