Anchorage AK Wedding Elopement Photography – Candid Couple Video Services Update

The recent updates are available to clients in Anchorage, throughout Alaska, and elsewhere, as the couple also work in landscape and travel photography, and are keen to visit new and distant places.

More details can be found at

Hope Springs Photography’s announcement comes in response to the increased number of couples planning their weddings, to take advantage of the lifting of pandemic-induced rules and the freedom to travel once more.

Founded by couple Christi and John Walsh, the company is dedicated to helping others share and celebrate their most memorable and significant moments, helping couples to capture key points of their lives in both still and moving forms. With a wealth of experience in their formats to put to use for their clients, both Christi’s photography and John’s videography work showcase the highlights of any big day or special occasion, in the highest possible quality.

The company’s wedding photography services have been specifically developed to fit into a couple’s special day to capture their smiles, their love, the small moments, and the big – following them every step of the way as they go from engaged to married. However, before the wedding even begins, Hope Springs also offers additional services, such as couples shoots, engagement shoots, and maternity shoots, ideal for piecing together the story of growing love as it blossoms and thrives.

Though based in Alaska, John and Christi are both true travel enthusiasts and share a passion for exploring new places whenever they can. As such, their services are available throughout the world (following an initial consultation), and they’re happy to go along with their clients who are marrying abroad, or eloping, to capture and preserve every moment.

Videography services from John are also available, including six-hour drone sessions. Photography from Christi is priced per hour or per day (classed as six hours) depending on the client’s needs and preference and can be included in a package for multiple sessions, including couples shoots, maternity shoots, and engagement shoots The company also offers portrait photography separately.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

Hope Springs Photography
Hope Springs Photography

PO Box 141284

United States

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What to Look Forward to with Newly Launched Small Ship Virtual Adventure Tours.

Uncruise Adventures today announced the official launch of its Virtual Adventure Tours. Guests and advisors are already looking forward to the opportunity to immerse themselves in the newly launched 360-degree virtual tours. As travel grows and small ship inspiration is trending, adventure cruise fans can expect more online tools, including new 2022-2023 cruise pricing, advisor tools, a refreshed look, online gift cards, and updated website tools, videos, and information with the award-winning adventure company.

The first thing guests can expect are detailed virtual tours to view their cabin amenities and surrounding adventure activities. Excited travelers can take a sneak peek of the new virtual tours at See what it’s like to be on board before your arrival. More inspiration, more adventure, and more holiday deals are waiting. As an industry leader who puts value on sustainability, and exceptional guest experiences this is a perfect addition to their website and adventure marketing tools. UnCruise Adventures provides a fun, adventuresome immersion into the world of small ship cruising.

Uncruise Adventures will be celebrating the launch with the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals they’ve ever offered, including double your dollar savings, gift card options, and a full gift shop of apparel and gear. The UnCruise Adventures cruise line understands the popularity of online access to travel inspiration, especially through the pandemic. Their online virtual tours give you a first-hand look at carefully crafted guide-led adventures and natural wonders from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Galapagos.

Dan Blanchard, Owner, and CEO at Uncruise Adventures adds “Throughout the pandemic, wanderlust and the desire for more adventure didn’t cease but forced travelers to look at new ways to experience nature. That’s when they find us,” Blanchard states. “We offer an incredible all-inclusive value. We understand that travelers want more time being inspired and these days there’s nothing more inspired than time in nature and remote places.” The passionate CEO is keen on leveraging more technology and tools to ensure a personalized, inspiring service for its guests and travel advisors.

More information about the virtual tours, new pricing, and other amenities can be found at

UnCruise Adventures
UnCruise Adventures
3826 18th Ave W

United States

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Car Top Tents for Camping/Survival – All-Weather Quick-Setup Options Released

The car top tents are available from Survivalist HQ’s online shop. The tents, which perch on the roof of any car or truck and can easily be removed for quick and simple setup and teardown, are a space and cost-saving method for any car camper or survivalist.

To learn more, visit

Survivalist HQ is offering these car top tents alongside their state-of-the-art insulated line of sleeping bags and other gear. All SHQ products adhere to a high standard of quality, and the tents are no exception.

These camping solutions come at a time when camping is steadily growing in popularity in the US. Studies show that in 2020, 10 million households tried camping for the first time during the pandemic, many of which are from demographics that historically have shown little interest in the pastime. These studies also show that interest is unlikely to go down any time soon.

With this in mind, Survivalist HQ is welcoming the new influx of campers with open arms. These high-quality tents are composed of poly-cotton tear-resistant canvas and can reportedly withstand rough treatment, making them a good choice for beginners and hardcore campers alike.

The tents are also made to resist the elements. With a built-in weather awning and zip-on annex, as well as super-fine insect screens, they are designed to withstand whatever nature may throw at them. By keeping the camper off the ground, the tent provides additional protection against moisture and wildlife, offering safety and comfort to the camper inside.

Survivalist HQ is offering a 15% discount on all car tents, which, in some cases, amounts to several hundred dollars in cost reduction. Combined with the free shipping they offer on all orders, the car top tents become as affordable as they are utilitarian.

Survivalist HQ is a trusted supplier of all things tactical, from weaponry to all-weather camping gear. Their products are rigorously tested and designed by field experts to ensure the highest quality standards are met. They are committed to providing high-utility gear that will function when needed most.

To learn more, visit

Survivalist HQ
Survivalist HQ

12910 Silent Shore

United States

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Milford NE Surface Restoration – Industrial Paint Booth/Blasting Shop Now Open

The latest announcement means customers in Milford and the surrounding areas can now get smooth, fresh-looking, and corrosive-proof surfaces, including larger painting projects. In addition, the company guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with prompt and affordable services.

More information is available at

Proper surface preparations ensure the integrity and longevity of mission-critical assets. But sandblasting could be life-threatening if adequate safety measures are not in place. With this announcement, individuals and businesses can now rely on professionals for surface finishing and protection.

The A+ Better Business Bureau rated family-run company has about 37 years of experience executing over 2,000 projects. The newly opened state-of-the-art paint booth and blasting shop can handle a wide spectrum of projects size or structures. The facilities are fully equipped to ensure customers get their required surface finishes.

The company goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. They treat customers with respect while maintaining exceptional character and quality. Clients can count on them for the highest level of service. Interested parties can upload their projects’ photos on their website to get a free price estimate.

Additionally, asset integrity specialists offer on-site blasting and painting services. Their mobile rig provides on-premises surface protection and professional finishing for small and large projects, saving clients the stress of moving heavy-duty equipment around.

The fully licensed and insured local contractors’ portable rigs can pull into any location and efficiently roll hoses for safe and long-lasting media blasting and painting. The company provides mobile restoration services for liquid storage tanks, pools, trailers, steel structures, and concrete joint reconditioning projects.

With this announcement, Wissmann Enterprise Inc. restates its longstanding commitment to providing 100% guaranteed and efficient solutions to customers in Milford, Nebraska, and the throughout the midwest. The customer-focused company offers multiple support channels to ensure clients get fast responses.

A company representative stated: “We have provided professional expertise with media blasting and liquid coatings for individuals, businesses, and corporations in the Midwest since 1986. Our mobile and shop services are set up to handle all project sizes. Our experience, exceptional customer service, and a motivated team set us apart.”

Interested parties can visit or call +1-402-761-1993 to schedule an appointment.

Wissmann Enterprises Inc.
Wissmann Enterprises Inc.

691 Grover Rd

United States

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Tint-a-Home Window Tinting is a Premier Brisbane Window Tinting Services in Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane, QLD – Tint-a-Home Window Tinting is a family-owned and locally-operated business dedicated to serving Brisbane residents. The company has highly trained and experienced installers who use high-quality window films in their window tinting projects all over Queensland. In addition to the company’s dedication to giving its customers the best products at the best price, it also houses a friendly, professional, and reliable team that can be entrusted with any tinting project.

Tint-a-Home Window Tinting provides and uses quality window tinting film in Brisbane for both its residential tinting and office tinting. “Our family business Tint-a-Home offers window films to suit all your window tinting needs. From Solar Energy Films to Decorative privacy frosting, our products preserve the feel and appearance of the glass with a quality finish while lowering your home energy costs and providing vital UV protection.” Said the company’s representative on their website regarding their window tinting films.

Residential window tinting improves the longevity of a home’s contents and reduces energy bills while increasing security and privacy. With UV rays radiations, home furnishings can rapidly fade over time, thus lowering their value and aesthetics. Tint-a-Home Window Tinting provides window films that block about 99% of these UV rays, so damage to the home interiors is significantly reduced. Also, the window films lower air conditioning requirements and thus energy consumption. Window films also strengthen the glass windows while holding the shards together in case of breakage. These films also boost privacy by obscuring the view through a window glass from outside.

Apart from residential window tinting near Brisbane, Tint-a-Home Window Tinting also specializes in office and commercial window tinting. They use light or dark low reflection commercial glass tinting films and reflective films or window frosting films to cover commercial windows. The company provides a wide range of window frosting products that can boost privacy for glass windows or conference room doors and bathrooms. For clients who are not sure whether tinting is a worthy investment, the staff explains the benefits in detail so they can make an informed decision.

Tint-a-Home Window Tinting is located at 4/54 Notar Drv, ORMEAU, QLD, 4208. Customers can contact the company’s team via phone at 1300361743 for inquiries about their services and the options that would best meet their needs. To learn more about the company or its window tinting services, visit its website.

Media Contact

Company Name
Tint-a-Home Window Tinting
Contact Name
Jacob Agius
4/54 Notar Drv
Postal Code

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Wellness Blogger Jenna Lee Launched Oily Gal Essential Oil Website For Skincare

Jenna Lee is a natural beauty blogger and wellness consultant. She has launched which offers clean skincare tips and essential oil uses. Jenna offers her readers expert advice about all-natural beauty. Find out tips, recipes, and information about how to use essential oils for natural skincare and a healthy environment.

Visit for more information.

The new website was launched amid increasing public investment in the clean-skin industry. Consumers were being asked to show more by staying home due to social restrictions and closures during the current pandemic. There is more interest in wellness and health than ever before.

Natural beauty products as well as essential oils that have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Healthy living is a growing trend, aided by a greater focus on social media. Jenna Lee wants to reach those who are interested in natural, chemical-free skincare products or wellness routines that use a natural approach to their skin. Blog posts are regular features on this website that discuss healthy, clean living and tips to maintain healthy skin.

Natural remedies and products. Jenna’s DIY recipes demonstrate how easy it is to make home and beauty products. Items such as lip gloss, room spray and sugar scrub made with essential oils.

Jenna’s blog post featuring the top essential oils for aromatherapy with a diffuser blend is a favorite. The website features many popular articles that offers tips and tricks to ease discomfort, give fragrances, and relieve pain.

Natural oils can help users reduce stress and other problems. This site is specifically designed for natural beauty as well as skincare and makeup lovers.

One loyal reader stated that “ contains useful tips for skincare and the use of different essential oils. It’s vital to have natural alternatives in this world that we live in now. You really do need to use chemical-free cleaning products and makeup. Jenna has been so helpful in my beauty journey.”

People interested in learning more about essential oils and how to use them to benefit from the wide range of benefits they offer, such as those who are looking to make their own.

Jenna Lee invites you to view more informative blog posts and tips:

Oily Gal
Oily Gal

1043 Garland Ave Unit C #760

San Jose
United States

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Valley Glen CA Grout Tile Deep Cleaning – Steam Cleaning Expert Care Services

The company’s new service treats ceramic, stone, marble, and slate tiles and restores them to pristine condition. When combined with regular steam cleaning, this service preserves the integrity and beauty of tiled floors for many years. Wall and counter grout cleaning is also offered.

More details can be found at

JP Carpet pre-treats the tile and grout with their eco-friendly products to loosen any embedded dirt or soil, before employing state-of-the-art tools and equipment to scrub the tiles around every fixture and device present. A final steam cleaning ensures spotless results and client satisfaction.

Grout collects dirt and grime and whatever contaminants spill onto it because it is porous. Even routine sweeping and mopping will rarely eliminate all the built-up residue. JP Carpet can sanitize the floors and give them a clean, new appearance by flushing out contaminants stuck in the grout. Failure to conduct a professional cleaning can result in the swift return of dark grout lines, as the grout pores begin absorbing contaminants once again.

The company’s service includes hand scrubbing of grout to remove stains, ceramic tile polishing, and sealing the grout for stain protection. Ongoing maintenance plans, which include regular mopping and wiping down with neutral cleaners, are also offered.

These treatments complement the company’s wide range of existing services, which include carpet cleaning, stone restoration and repair, upholstery and wood floor cleaning, and water damage restoration.

JP Cleaning began as a simple carpet and upholstery cleaning company 20 years ago. Since then they have become a one-stop-shop for the maintenance, cleaning, protection, polishing, and repair of all flooring surfaces, counter-tops, showers, and rugs. The company also provides customers with many types of floor restoration services.

One recent reviewer commented: “I just used JP for grout cleaning in a few of my bathrooms. They were incredibly easy to communicate with and flexible on making the appointment. Great small business, kind, helpful and attentive people who do what they say they’re going to do which is an unfortunately uncommon trend with household services! A++ and will definitely use again and refer other friends to them.”

More information on the company’s services can be seen at

JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care
JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care
14011 Ventura Blvd
Los Angeles
United States

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Costa Rica Lakeside Bed And Breakfast Sale – Business Opportunity Announced

This recent sale announcement gives entrepreneurial buyers an opportunity to purchase three turnkey businesses in a thriving tourist area in Costa Rica.

More details are available at

By listing their land and businesses for sale, the owners are offering buyers a beautiful place to live and work. The 5.5-acre property is in the picturesque town of Nuevo Arenal. The complex features the award-winning bed and breakfast, the popular eatery Restaurante Caballo Negro, and the Lucky Bug Gallery, which features art and home decor by local artists.

Buyers can earn income while they enjoy lakefront views in a lush rainforest setting. The property includes a four-bedroom home, an apartment, a jungle trail, and a private lake for fishing, swimming, and canoeing. Although it is surrounded by nature, the property is conveniently located on Route 142.

The Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast is a recipient of TripAdvisor’s “Traveler’s Choice B&B” award, which puts it in the top 1% of all B&Bs worldwide. It is also ranked number 2 in Costa Rica, and number 5 in Central America. The nature-themed guesthouse can accommodate 12 people and features a large patio and butterfly garden.

Restaurante Caballo Negro is one of Costa Rica’s “go-to” restaurants, and it is popular with locals, ex-pats, and tourists. Diners enjoy delicious food while soaking in views of the lake, exotic birds, and other native wildlife. The kitchen facilities are top-notch and suitable for any type of cuisine. The restaurant can accommodate up to 55 people.

The third building currently houses the Lucky Bug Gallery and gift shop. It features pieces by the owner and her daughters and supplies many homes and hotels in the Guanacaste area with hand-crafted paintings, sculptures, decorations, dishes, and lamps.

The three hospitality businesses are currently run by two owners, and buyers could keep running them in the same fashion. However, a new buyer could also convert the property into a new business of their choosing. For example, the layout would be ideal for a wellness retreat with yoga facilities, a vegetarian restaurant, and a massage area.

Interested parties can learn more by visiting

Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast
Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast

De Ruta 142 2 km oeste de Rio Dos Bocas

Nuevo Arenal
Costa Rica

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Marketing Agency Announces $2000+ worth of prizes for Christmas Giveaway

Business owners and entrepreneurs in Canada are invited to enter into the latest contest sponsored by The Art of Business. Entrants have the opportunity to win $2000+ worth of physical and digital prizes, and more. Contributions are from the friends of The Art of Business – clients, past clients, and contributors who have all come together to create an incredible prize package that can be won. See link for all the giveaway details.

Included in the giveaway: $200+ worth of luxurious Alpaca products, contributed from the Meraki movement, a Zoom background upgrade contributed by Decor Diva, an SEO audit and a marketing strategy session from The Art of Business.

The contest is being held by The Art of Business Marketing Agency, located in Alberta Canada, who want to spread some joy this year – full information can be found on the website:

When asked about the competition, Amanda Nelson, Founder and CEO, had this to say about why people should enter:

“The Art of Business is excited to host this giveaway as a way to give back in the holiday season. Everyone at The Art of Business feels especially fortunate to not only have incredible, soul-filling jobs, but incredible clients too! That’s why they were included in this holiday cheer and giving- back karma.

All of the items were provided by incredible clients & friends who care about sharing the gift of their work with others. That’s what everyone at The Art of B LOVES about working here – getting to work with such passionate business owners.”

Winners will be chosen based on a random drawing and the winner will be announced on December 15, 2021, via social media and email notification. Those who are interested can sign up for the contest via the company website. Deadline for entry is December 14th, 2021.

The Art of Business
The Art of Business

50 Sunrise Crescent NE

High River

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Metairie LA Fitness Expo Commercial Gym Equipment/Workout Machines Expanded

The new range includes a wide selection of light and full commercial gym equipment, suitable for use in hotels, corporate gyms, and more.

More details can be found at

The latest announcement comes in response to an increased interest in self-care and physical fitness following the recent pandemic. The workout machines are a valuable addition to the range of items already available for home use.

Founded in 1980, when the fitness industry was just beginning to blossom, Fitness Expo quickly established itself as a reliable provider in the field of gym equipment, whether for home or commercial use. With over 40 years of experience in the business, the company is now one of the oldest fitness retailers in the USA, with a reputation for service and excellence.

With more people than ever before putting time and money into their physical health, gym equipment has become a worthy investment for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s a small hotel gym, a private business’ fitness studio, or a full-sized gym for professional athletes, Fitness Expo has suitable equipment to meet every need.

Since the team is experienced in helping all types of companies acquire the machines that are right for their customers, they can offer advice on which equipment and accessories are right for each business, including help with selecting quality items at reasonable costs.

In addition, Fitness Expo also offers drop-off and installation services for all equipment purchased, with various financing options available. Their range includes a wide selection of machines, from rowers and treadmills to free weights and functional trainers, which are available to view and purchase via the company website, or can be tested in one of their stores in Baton Rouge, Kenner, Metairie, or Shreveport.

With the latest announcement, Fitness Expo continues to expand its range of high-quality commercial gym equipment, machines, and accessories for customers across the USA.

“Our commercial fitness equipment is durable and designed for even heavy-duty workouts such as core training exercises,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We are always open to sit down with you and discuss the type of equipment you want to install in your establishment, accompanied with warranties to ensure comfort and safety.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Fitness Expo
Fitness Expo

4124 Veterans Blvd.

United States

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