Dangers Of Processed Pet Food | Holistic Monogastric Dog Nutrition Book Launched

The recently published book entitled “What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You: Developing Good Practices for a Healthier Dog” highlights issues with the traditional pet food and veterinary industries, and offers alternative holistic solutions.

More details are available at https://stephaniekrol.com/book

By releasing this pet health guide, Krol can help pet owners make more informed decisions when it comes to feeding, treating, and vaccinating their beloved animals. Krol has compiled her extensive research of natural hygiene, terrain theory, holistic methodology, functional medicine, and nutritional standards into an easy-to-read book for veterinarians and animal lovers alike.

All pet owners hope their fur babies will have happy, healthy, pain and disease-free lives. However, Krol explains that off-the-shelf pet foods and common veterinary practices may decrease a dog’s lifespan. Krol offers an alternative: a unique nutrition plan which is based on science and common sense.

The book features a detailed analysis of commercial dog food ingredients, which include a variety of byproducts humans will not or cannot eat. After explaining how canned dog food can be harmful, Krol suggests that pet parents implement a monogastric diet of raw meat and plant-based material. Moreover, she advocates a method called “single category rotational feeding,” which involves alternating meals of meat and plants with periods of fasting.

The pet care manual also addresses deficiencies in the veterinary system. Krol indicates that many veterinarians overemphasize the need for vaccines, and overprescribe medication when a pet is ill. She suggests that with some illnesses, pet owners should try diet changes and holistic treatments before resorting to medicine. Interested parties can learn about Krol’s views by listening to the following podcast https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/22922786?fbclid=IwAR0ku-zufGXNRYNvs_zHxq0BOzbS6P9mTOQLKnTgxm_ryLz1t5HHBuFcCF0

Krol was motivated to write the book following a health scare involving her beloved dog Winston. As a result of her alternative pet health approach, Winston defied his veterinarian’s bleak prognoses and is now a healthy, happy senior dog.

‘What the Pet Food Industry is Not Telling You’ is an excellent book for pet owners. Stephanie Krol explains raw feeding habits she has used on her dog and learned from other experts. Enjoyed reading it and learned a lot.”

Interested animal lovers can learn more by visiting https://www.amazon.com/dp/173732010X

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