Living Leaf: A Living Cosmetic

A refreshing facial mist with a living plant that benefits your skin

Tampa Bay, Florida — Among many buzzwords being used within the skin care industry, the words ‘natural’, ‘clean’, ‘plant-based’ have definitely gained popularity over the past few years. Consumers want to step away from synthetic ingredients and want to indulge their skin with what nature offers them. Thanks to the increasing evidence of the positive effects of natural ingredients, the use of plant-derived ingredients is slowly becoming the norm for most skin care brands out there. However, with very few regulations in place, there is ongoing discussion on how customers can really know if a product is as natural or as ‘clean’ as it claims to be. A new revolutionary concept of transparent, natural beauty and skin care is here to meet the world. 

Living Leaf® is bringing the world’s first and only living cosmetic to the market. Their patented plant-based, facial mist contains a live Centella plant! The first of its kind Living Leaf® toner is for all skin types and can be used throughout the day to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. The refreshing mist produces natural Centella phytochemicals known to provide anti-aging and skin healing benefits. The team at Living Leaf® is the first to create a live product which will revolutionise the fresh cosmetic world. 

Centella has been used as a traditional Asian medicine in treating small wounds, scratches and burns, as well as an anti-inflammatory agent in skin sensitivities for thousands of years. The antioxidant rich phytochemicals in Centella are known to provide good skin hydration, revitalise the skin’s protective barrier, and can mitigate effects of ageing and sun damage. Living Leaf’s® patented process enhances the natural properties of Centella by increasing the plant’s production of beneficial phytochemicals. This organic, Farm-to-Face system revitalises and protects the skin through a living plant immersed in pure, alcohol-free mist. This living plant continues to produce phytochemicals, beneficial chemical compounds that help them to resist fungi, bacteria and plant virus infections.

Over the past 3 years, Living Leaf’s® has engineered its cosmetic bottling process and completed extensive shelf-life studies and procedures at an R&D center in British Columbia, Canada that ensure Living Leaf’s® Centella Facial Toner, when kept refrigerated, will maintain its benefits, efficacy and visual appeal during its shelf life. Their first product will be hand crafted in artisanal small batches ready to be shipped to their Kickstarter backers at amazing discounted prices. Check out their Kickstarter page to be the first to try this revolutionary skin care product at

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