Lehmann Red Wine Glasses A Must Have For The Wine Connoisseur

Sally Hillman – Celebrating Champagne is one of Australia’s leading online retailers of fine champagne, Lehmann glassware and champagne gifts for corporate & special occasions.

“We are delighted to introduce lovers of red wine to the beautiful world of Lehmann Glass, France’s artisanal glassware brand designed and crafted by professionals who live and breathe world class wine.” said Sally Hillman, Founder of Sally Hillman – Celebrating Champagne when interviewed by Metrocities Media.

Sally Hillman – Celebrating Champagne note that red wines fall into three categories defined by their aroma and structure, which conveniently caters to three different styles of glassware.

Full-bodied red wines with high tannins, such as Bordeaux-style red blends and Cabernet Sauvignon. Structurally, these wines tend to have high alcohol content (greater-than or equal to 14%). We now know alcohol vapours rise and surround the rim of the wine glass, which means a broad bowl and wide opening, as well as a considerable distance between the wine and our nose, will allow the harsh gaseous ethanol of these wines to dissipate more effectively, giving us an opportunity to identify the wine’s aromas more distinctly when we sniff from the centre of the glass. A wider opening will also allow for a smooth, even delivery to the palate, which further contributes to the sensation of body.

Medium- to full-bodied red wines with savoury or spicy notes, such as Syrah, Malbec, Grenache and Sangiovese. These wines call for ‘standard’ red wine glasses that are slightly smaller in bowl size and rim opening than the ‘Bordeaux’ glasses described above. A narrower opening permits a gradual flow of savoury and spicy flavours to the palate, which helps to soften the wine’s impact

Light-bodied red wines with floral notes, such as Burgundy, Pinot noir, Gamay and Nebbiolo. These wines are delicate with ethereal aromas, which means the glass must have a relatively fuller and wider bowl than both ‘Bordeaux’ and ‘standard’ red wine glasses. A wider bowl enhances aeration to develop the lighter aromas, allowing them to collect at the gently inward sloping rim. The body of the glass should also be relatively shorter than both the ‘Bordeaux’ and ‘standard’ red wine glasses to allow for the detection of more subtle, fragrant aromas due to the nose’s proximity

Every Lehmann Glass set of 6 receives a complimentary Sally Hillman microfibre polishing cloth. Simply select a card, gift wrapping and your choice of accessories, and the team at Sally Hillman’s take care of the rest.

Sally Hillman said, “The luxurious champagne hampers & gift sets that we offer on our website are filled with French boutique grower champagnes and artisanal Lehmann glassware and are very popular also. Elegantly wrapped and ready to give, the gift sets can be personalised with a handwritten card and direct shipped nationally. Purchasers are selecting additional accessories from the extensive range featured on the website to tailor the gift. Those selecting a gift pack offer have peace of mind knowing that each of the carefully curated gift sets & hampers offers more value than purchasing each item separately.”

Those looking to gift a thoughtful bottle of champagne on its own, all include Sally Hillman’s signature cartography, comprehensive tasting notes and Sally Hillman’s slimline champagne stopper.

To learn more about Sally Hillman – Celebrating Champagne and the range of red wine glasses, please visit their website by clicking here: Lehmann Red Wine Glasses

About Sally Hillman – Celebrating Champagne

Sally Hillman – Celebrating Champagne is one of Australia’s leading online retailers of fine champagne, Lehmann glassware and champagne gifts for corporate & special occasions. They have also become well known for creating bespoke champagne experiences and virtual tastings.

Specialising in the flourishing world of boutique grower-producer champagne, Sally Hillman Founder and Principal is personally available to guide you on your journey of discovering the irresistible magic and sophistication of champagne.

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