Coimbatore, India — These days, fashion can negatively impact the environment and the people who produce it. Fortunately, some brands and designers are taking steps to be more environmentally conscious, like NA-KD, which sustains its materials and makes its garments in factories that treat its workers fairly. We believe that sustainable fashion matters, and here are some reasons why

1) Fighting For Animal Rights

We have reached a turning point in history. As a result of conscious efforts, people are more aware of how animals are treated on farms and in slaughterhouses. Cruelty is being exposed, scrutinized, and fought against as never before. More and more consumers—worldwide—are demanding that animal welfare becomes an integral part of our production system, not just for ethical reasons but also to ensure food safety and product quality.

2) Helping Small Farmers

By choosing sustainable materials and avoiding mass manufacturing, sustainable brands provide transparency around their supply chain. They reveal who grows or makes their products and how they’re made. In contrast, fast fashion companies keep supply chains hidden, making it impossible to know if your clothes are produced ethically. When you buy from a sustainable brand, you can trust that your money isn’t funding sweatshops or animal cruelty—and isn’t harming our planet in other ways either.

3) Respecting the Worn

In a world where we buy more than we need, and items are thrown away after one wear, sustainable fashion saves us money while respecting our planet. By purchasing high-quality pieces that can be worn repeatedly (and even passed down to family members or friends), consumers are using fewer resources and creating less waste. The next time you purchase an item of clothing, make sure it has resale value—it’s a win for your budget and Earth!

4) Protecting Natural Resources

We believe that our planet’s resources should be conserved for future generations as an eco-friendly fashion brand. Using organic cotton, renewable resources, and recycled materials, Na-KD has reduced its carbon footprint and reduced water usage.

5) When Every Piece Has Meaning, You Dress with Purpose

Many clothing companies have pledged their commitment to sustainability and are taking it seriously. They’re eliminating toxic chemicals from dyes, materials, and manufacturing processes. They’re using eco-friendly packaging. And they’re choosing materials based on their ability to be resold or reused after you’ve finished with them instead of simply for their marketability—or aesthetics.

6) It Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

Sustainability is about more than looking great and feeling great. When you make sustainable fashion choices, you’re also impacting our planet. By opting for environmentally friendly clothing items, you can help reduce your carbon footprint (which, we all know, isn’t a bad thing). The fast fashion cycle isn’t sustainable… but with Na-KD, it is!

7) Be the Change You Want To See In the World!

When you buy from sustainable brands, you’re supporting them and helping to change their supply chain. We need to start thinking about how we spend our money to make real positive changes in our world. Shop with #NaKD today and make a difference! Share us with your friends & family so that we can inspire others! Together we can change things for good. One shirt at a time!

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