Sex Trafficking Statistics 2022 Worldwide

Sex trafficking statistics worldwide

We spend 2 months doing an in-depth report about worldwide sex trafficking. Gathered data from 172 countries, and analyzed 109.216 identified victims. This is by far the largest study and most comprehensive on the topic.

New York City, New York Feb 9, 2022 ( – Find the full statistics here.

Key conclusions

  • 35 million is every single day victims of sex trafficking
    Estimates show that, internationally, only about .04% of survivors of trafficking cases are identified, meaning that the majority of cases go undetected.
  • The “industry” has never been larger – It has an estimated 99 billion $ market value
    To put it into perspective the sex trafficking industry is larger than the global cocaine market and almost as big as the global PC market. Also if you aggregated the yearly revenue of McDonald’s, Netflix, Wall Disney, and Best Buy we have the same value.
  • During the pandemic, online recruitment increased 22%
    The analysis found significant growth in the proportion of potential victims for whom Facebook (120% increase) and Instagram (95% increase) were the sites for recruitment.
  • There have never been so many child victims
    Worldwide, almost 20% of all victims are children. However, in some parts of Africa and the Mekong region, children are the majority (up to 100%).
  • Why people end up in sex trafficking; Recent migration, Mental Health issues, Unstable housing, Homeless Youth, and Drug abuse
    Everyone ending up in a trafficking situation has a clear and identifiable vulnerability that a trafficker preyed upon.

Data and methodology

  • Data/information was collected from 172 countries with 109.216 identified victims.
  • From the year 2003 – 2021.
  • Estimating the full overview of trafficking is challenging since victims so often go undetected, something the United Nations refers to as “the hidden figure of crime”.
  • To support the findings of this report, external sources have been used as a peer review tool.
  • Sex trafficking is defined as “the range of activities involved when a trafficker uses force, fraud, or coercion to compel another person to engage in a commercial sex act”.
  • It has been easier to gather data on certain regions/countries than others (which therefore can result in a minor distortion of the real picture).

Why is this report useful?

Human trafficking is divided into forced labor and sex trafficking. We’ve chosen to primarily focus on sex trafficking since this stands for 79% of all human trafficking cases in the world. This detailed-oriented approach makes room for insights that maps sex trafficking in an angle never seen before.

Lean back and prepare for news that is happening right now while you’re reading this report.

About the Researchers

This report was conducted by statistician Jacob B. who holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Business Intelligence. The report is one of the most exhaustive on the topic with data across nations. The research was funded by Bedbible com; a brand that helps visitors find sex toy products in an unbiased way, and further do in-depth research within the topics of romantics and erotics. has no ads and is free to use for everyone.

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