Online Telemedicine Clinic AgelessRx Releases NAD Injections to Deaccelerate Aging, Now Available for Home Use

Aging is inevitable and continues to pose a serious problem for men and women globally. While it cannot be avoided or stopped, ageing rapidly can be corrected and instead the process can be made slower and more graceful. This is what AgelessRx intends to do by providing longevity products. The goal is to prevent the aging process from coming too soon while ensuring people enjoy the latter time of their lives, healthy and strong.

Recently, the US-based Online Telemedicine Clinic released its latest innovation – the NAD+ Injection supplement which is designed to reduce the body’s propensity to age faster while keeping it in a healthy, stable condition. Interestingly, the NAD+ Injection by AgelessRx is sold at a fraction of the regular cost of NAD+ infusions and consumers can make use of it from the convenience of their homes without external help.

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It is an important pyridine nucleotide that serves as an essential cofactor and substrate for a number of critical cellular processes. As the body ages, NAD+ levels suffer a decline which makes it difficult for the body to convert nutrients into energy and maintain healthy DNA. However, by improving and sustaining NAD+ levels, the body’s aging process can be deaccelerated. The NAD Injection supplement by AgelessRx is injected subcutaneously into fatty tissues to facilitate NAD+ into the bloodstream. A single 0.1ml injection administers 20mg NAD+ (0.25ml = 50mg NAD+, 0.5ml = 100mg NAD+) which circulates NAD+ faster than other methods to notice benefits sooner.

The NAD+ Injection affects aging pathways such as genomic instability, epigenetic alteration, mitochondrial dysfunction, and cellular senescence. Other benefits of the NAD+ Injection include improving energy levels, post-workout recovery, mental clarity, and mood, and reducing cravings. It can be administered one to three times every week.

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About AgelessRx

AgelessRx is an online telemedicine clinic that specializes in anti-aging, providing solutions to anyone looking for longevity products to slow down the accumulation of aging-related damage. As an online platform, AgelessRx has grown to service clients in all 50 states via their website.

AgelessRx provides a better alternative to traditional anti-aging clinics. Their ability for patients to get Doctor-assisted care and personally prescribed products from the comfort of their home has eliminated the geographical constraints of finding a convenient anti-aging clinic.

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