MEC’s Handmade in USA Tagines that are getting recognized for their 100% Non-toxic Value

MEC Set of Tagines

Dedham, Massachusetts Jan 31, 2022 ( – Tips to choosing the right tagine and how MEC makes a great non-toxic choice.

What is a Tagine?

A tagine is a shallow pan that comes with a conical lid. This uniquely shaped lid allows for better steam retention and keeps food flavorful and nutritious. Tagines originated in Morocco and are quite popular in Mediterranean cuisine. Today, tagines are recognized globally for their ability to retain so much moisture and flavor in food. To reap all the benefits of an authentic tagine, you need one that is made from natural clay.

Essential Tips while Selecting and Getting the Right Tagine

Choose a tagine made from non-toxic raw material

The quality of a tagine pot depends on the raw material it is made from, which is either ceramic or clay. While ceramics raises health concerns because of the extensive use of additives and chemical glazes, unglazed pure clay is a far healthier option.

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US-based company that makes ergonomically designed tagines from lab-tested primary clay without glazes or additives. MEC tagines are better than conventional in many ways.

Unlike conventional clay pots made from secondary or tertiary clay, MEC tagines are made from the purest quality of clay – 100% primary clay. With the pure raw material and the fact that they don’t use any additives during the making, finishing, or firing — their products are guaranteed to be inert or non-reactive.

This means there is no leaching of metal or chemical toxins from the raw material while cooking.

No Chemicals or Glazes is the way to go

By not using glazes or additives, MEC retains the non-reactive property of pure clay and adopts a unique hand-finishing that keeps the tagine breathable (semi-porous). This allows for better air circulation and evaporation of excess water, making your vegetarian recipes moist, tasty, and aromatic.

The earthen far-infrared heat radiating from the walls of these pans cook food thoroughly from inside out. This type of heat keeps even delicate nutritional cells intact, like the heat that the ‘earth’ radiates that sustains life. This way of cooking keeps your vegetables and other vegetarian ingredients like lentils, beans, spices, and herbs tender, aromatic and perfectly cooked.

Pay attention to the design

Although all tagines seem to follow the same basic design, small improvements under the hood can go a long way in getting the most out of your tagine. MEC’s ergonomically designed tagine and lid allows for natural steam condensation inside of their cooler inner lid surface.

This means the water-soluble nutrients – in the steam – are retained inside the dish rather than being released through the vents, like in the more “modern” tagine designs.

Being a Vegan Product is a great added benefit

The making of MEC tagines causes no harm to animals or the environment in general. There is no chemical waste or pollutants released in the manufacturing process.

These tagines are handmade and hand-finished using all-natural material, and without any animal byproducts. Therefore, they are 100% vegan. These are made in the USA, so sea life is spared of the agony freight ships cause bringing things into the country from far away.

MEC does ship internationally, but the products travel carbon neutral. MEC pays to participate in a program – at no additional cost to the customer – to plant trees around the world to offset the carbon footprint of the shipments.

Other Healthy Cooking Features can be a Great Bonus

The tagine design also makes it possible to cook a vast variety of foods in addition to traditional tagine recipes. From steaming veggies to Dutch oven recipes, you’ve got it all covered.

Moreover, you can use this tagine on multiple heat sources – gas, electric, glass cooktop, and in the oven. A multi-functional and versatile tagine that cooks healthily – what more one can ask for!

Made up your mind about choosing MEC’s healthy and non-toxic tagine for your vegetarian recipes? Head over to MEC’s online store and order a MEC pot today!

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