Emerging Churches Find An Extraordinary Companion in Bot Technologies

Dr Steven DavidSon

Nation’s Largest Stand-alone Virtual Church Responds with Exraordinary Speed and Efficiency

Dallas, Texas Oct 3, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – As the traditional Catholic or Protestant congregation in the nation continue to see gravely different numbers in attendance than before the Pandemic, at least one source is reporting astonishing numbers. But just as with its brick and mortar predecessor, the mega-church, there’s a significant controversy involving the Virtual Church. However, according to Dr. Steven DavidSon Leading the nation’s largest stand-alone virtual church, there’s no controversy, and church attendance, particularly church membership was always a false proxy of status more than faith or mission validity. According to DavidSon, it places too much on respondents, and not on delivery.

“I’m not saying quantitative measures are not important to the faith, or there would be no need of reporting multitudes responding to Jesus. Numeric quantifications are all over Scripture even a Book so titled, Numbers. But it is not the principal measurement of effectiveness the Bible provides in our view, and this is an extremely important topic under the present circumstances where all churches can find refuge.”

DavidSon has amassed a huge virtual presence that’s reaching more than two million monthly with an average daily attendance exceeding forty-thousand and it keeps growing, but he’s convinced these are not the principal numbers that determine effectiveness.

“No, I don’t believe so. We only report them as the typical attendance numbers to provide a tangible equivalency with traditional measurements. So, as you can see we’re not struggling at all for attendance, members, followers, or any other measure. More importantly, these numbers represent souls. But they do not come as if showing up to Church on Sunday.

They’re responding to a robust and relentless reaching effort made of daily live programming, Christ-based memes, courses, support groups, and other Gospel principles. There sponsored by us publicly. We don’t target people with Church experience. There are three driving deliverable principles we follow and every church should use these to measure their ministry effectiveness: Jesus said 1. ‘feed my sheep’ we know feeding means daily. 2. The Apostle Paul in Prison writes the Philippians about antagonists in the faith, but he placed aside any personal conflict. He was pleased as long as they were ‘preaching Christ.’ 3. Finally, following Jesus’ orders, we’re being witnesses (life-givers) all over the planet. (John 21:1-17; Philippians 1:12-18; Acts 1:8).” Regardless of attendance, Churches doing these at a minimum can have some degree of mission accomplishment.”

DavidSon also responds to those who think it’s not conceivable to Disciple so many people. He’s ready with a response that causes techies to smile.

“What we’re witnessing concerning all industries including the Church is tantamount to the change from horse and buggy to the automobile. I will place our ability to be available personally, and follow-up with more than 90% of those responding to our reaching effort with any local church, particularly mega-churches. Because everything we do is connected with internet technology, we are far more effective with follow-up and guidance than the brick and mortar church regardless of size. The inability to follow-up effectively with attendees is called ‘coming through the front door passing out the back door.’”

When DavidSon is asked to give examples he is ready to respond. “I’m the focal person other than Christ, and I’m live publicly before the people a minimum of ten times a week. What’s the typical public availability of a pastor sharing once, twice, three times? We respond in real-time with requests. We have live Q&A programs so our followers can ask about the burning issues they face. Every post each day has relational forms for followers to interact and become more involved if desired. But the most powerful feature is our ability to present Disciple opportunities to everyone who comments on our featured posts supported by our enterprise of Christ-based Education and Counseling websites. We have a core disciple following of 3.2 million. There’s no staff large enough to respond to such a following. And the reality is, it’s often not done well in small churches.

How do Facebook and Youtube/Google respond to such massive numbers? This is done with autobot technologies. We use the same technologies. When they respond we reply. We provide forms and direct them to systematic web-based disciple training. Real-time responsiveness is so important with spiritual matters. There is no waiting for the next discipleship course or program a day, week, or month later. Thereafter, we can provide advanced development for the ministry. Live staff is integrated with the processes. Any person responding has a redundant system of discipleship support.”
DavidSon who possesses an extensive background in the Field of Quality brings his Quality Management expertise to ministry. And he is not deficient in the depth and breadth of Biblical and ministry knowledge. It’s clear he brings these two together.

“Where I sit is surreal. I’m the kid who knocked on doors as a teen inviting people to church in the late 60s. As a young adult almost fifty years ago, I and one of our present team members devised a program in a major city for all churches to evangelize a block around them. Of course, we were laughed at and scorned by major city pastors we were encouraged to involve. How naive we were. During the 70s we also ‘telephoned’ people in the forgotten, national evangelistic campaign, Here’s Life America. Today, we have a new global Ambassador program for ministries worldwide desiring to join with us, but we don’t need collaboration with any church, denomination or other organization to do what God has called us to do. That is, reach all we can for Christ-Jesus. The bot-technologies are an imperative companion that will never laugh or scorn us. It’s surreal.”

About Dr. Davidson:
DavidSon’s a pioneer in web-based ministry since 1997 leading the Christ-based Ministry enterprise of 18 Web Sites, featuring non-apostate (non-Political) Christ-based Counseling and Education sites. He’s been in Christian Ministry more than five decades and this is the twenty-ninth year of the Amazing Things The Church Ministry, the heart of the Christ-based enterprise with an average of thirty-five thousand a day attending. There’s live daily programming and numerous support resources available to the public:
Facebook.com/AmazingThingsThe ChurchDr DavidSon’s Bio: DrStevenCB.info

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