Punkemon.Finance Brings Alive Cryptopunks on the BSC Blockchain

New York, United States Oct 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – CPUNKs are NFTs on BSC Blockchain; they are unique handmade works of a team of creative artists and shall be claimed by buying and burning 10 Million $PMON tokens. This is “Double Layered” proof of ownership as all burn details will be on the BSC blockchain forever.

CPUNKs are “proof of action” based NFTs which are validated by the “BURN TO CLAIM” system.

The Burn to Claim system as operated in the PUNKEMON project is a first in the NFT space. It serves a dual purpose. It is an action that sets the base price for all CPUNKs. The booming NFT market is all because of the so-called crypto punks and their uniquely computer-coded attributes, but now they are now bought to life. They breathe, eat, style themselves, and live a normal life. They are the CHARACTER-BASED PUNKS (CPUNKs).

Exchanging $BNB for $PMON sets a value peg for the rare $PMON tokens which are currently not in circulation with no liquidity pool. This puts the value of the NFT at par with the amount of $PMON burned and since the NFTs live forever on the Blockchain, the PUNKEMON project remains a long-term project that will keep improving so the growth of $PMON and the CPUNKs are tied and will be simultaneous. The Burn to Claim system is a “Proof of Action” that further complements the already existing “Proof of Ownership” property that all NFTs possess for being stored on the blockchain. This is “Double Layered” proof of initial ownership as all burn details will be on the blockchain forever. The CPUNKS emphasize the “BEAUTY” and “DELICACY” of the human form. The newly introduced rare “DEMON” character class is a further expression of originality.

The CPUNK claim process is an easy 4-step way. The first step is to download any BEP20 Wallet, the most popular ones being METAMASK and TRUSTWALLET. One should not ever send funds from their exchange wallets. It is because of Punkemon. Finance will not be able to send users their CPUNKs to their exchange wallets resulting in the loss of funds. One must also make sure that their wallet is set to BINANCE SMART CHAIN and GAS PRICE = 10 GWEI and GAS LIMIT = 100000.

The second step is to buy the Punkemon Tokens. Just scan the QR code provide on their official website or send BNB to the address 0x50222D18e091715d66F1d804f5B6725585cE2305 to receive $PMON tokens automatically in your wallet. Make sure you send not less than 0.5 BNB and not more than 5 BNB per transaction. 0.5 BNB equals 10 MILLION $PMON TOKENS and once you burn all 10 MILLION $PMON tokens you receive 1 CPUNK. 5 BNB equals 100 MILLION $PMON TOKENS, You can only burn 10 MILLION $PMON tokens at a time and you receive 1 CPUNK / 10 MILLION $PMON TOKEN BURN. You can then repeat the process multiple times to claim more CPUNKs.

The third step is also fairly easy to follow. Once the desired amount of $PMON tokens are received, one needs to burn them to claim CPUNK(S). To burn the $PMON tokens, one just needs to send them to the DEAD wallet: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead or scan the QR provided on the website code and send them to the dead wallet. The wallet address that the user used to burn their $PMON tokens is automatically enrolled for minting and distributing the CPUNKs. One must use BEP20 compatible wallets ONLY and not exchange wallets.

The fourth and final step is the claim of the CPUNKS. Once the user has successfully burned their $PMON tokens, the “RANDOMLY GENERATED CPUNK” will be minted. It will take a few minutes to show up on the wallet. One can only burn 10,000,000 (10 MILLION) $PMON tokens at once for a successful claim.

Everyone gets a chance to own one or more CPUNK. The purchase is random and not based on FCFS. Hence users have a chance to get any of the rarest ones. One will find out which one they got after they check the wallet they burned $PMON tokens from, so the possibility of getting a Demon or an Alien is real. They will only be able to buy one from Punkemon. Finance’s marketplace after all 10,000 CPUNKs have been minted, so get one now if you want to get them at the mint price! James Deen, the CEO of Artifyio has also commented, ‘CPUNKS is the first-ever proof-of-action based NFTs’ which is a huge accomplishment in itself.

Punkemon.Finance is a company that has brought alive Cryptopunks on the BSC blockchain converting 8-bit pixelated art into real human characters. Do not miss out on the next big opportunity and mint your CPUNKs on the Punkemon.Finance website now at https://punkemon.finance/.

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