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A challenge many dental implant specialists encounter is generating a steady flow of new implant cases. Although a percentage of the profession is well-versed in the art of marketing, the truth is most dentists don’t understand how marketing truly works; let alone digital marketing.

The Tooth Implant Pros brand was formed to help drive more implant-case-related traffic to a specialist’s practice. The normal online set up seen online from most dental practices, and this includes the specialists as well, will include a website, being present on most of the big social platforms, listings set up on some of the biggest local review platforms, and a few might be involved in Google Ads; otherwise known as pay-per-click marketing.

A much smaller percentage perform SEO as a means of driving traffic. An even smaller percentage uses retargeting to bring back visitors who were on their website researching. And the smallest percentage belongs to those practices that are actively engaged in all these forms of marketing simultaneously.

Traffic Gen Solutions, parent company of the Tooth Implant Pros brand, understood this, and saw an opportunity to fill a need in the marketplace. They understood the majority of dentists aren’t interested in having a marketing strategy for their practice, they are much more interested in the end result.

Many practice owners don’t see the value in spending tens of thousands of dollars to build up the structure needed to run a legitimate marketing strategy off of, when it’s possible to “rent” those results from a third-party vendor. This is why the Tooth Implant Pros funnels patients with a specific outcome in mind, to practices they are working with.

People have been losing teeth since man first walked this planet, but it is only in the last 40 years that teeth are now able to be replaced. Dental implants are the closest thing to a real tooth as we are able to produce currently. They are so good, in fact, people are willing to part with thousands of dollars to have access to them.

Traffic Gen Solutions understands the dynamic teeth play in our world, and it’s why they market to the dental implant audience the way we do. They understand people value how they look in social, and work, settings. It has been said the biggest fear people have is public speaking. If that’s true, then it’s because people fear how they will be perceived by others. Knowing that, it’s easy to imagine the dread one would feel dealing with a missing tooth.

Most implant specialists can convey these feelings on a one-to-one basis. However, when it comes to marketing, they underperform in a big way. Too often they take the easy route out and simply copy a competitor’s campaign strategy. Having a copy of a marketing strategy is better than having none at all. The problem is campaigns that are copied are almost never verified as successful campaigns in the first place. This means, most practices never design a marketing strategy designed specifically for their own practice, and there is a chance the campaign they are running is an unsuccessful campaign clone as well.

Traffic Gen Solutions takes the guesswork out of marketing for their customers, and gives them exactly what they want – people contacting their practice about setting up appointments for dental implants. And the industry as a whole has made this easier for dentists as well. Technology always decreases as new, and cheaper, ways are created to produce products that were once expensive. The cost of creating implants has dropped dramatically since they were first introduced to the market many years ago.

The price of an implant has dropped enough so most working adults can afford to pay for an implant, should the need arise. When all those factors are added together – reduced price of implants, a proven marketing system, and a practice that offers fantastic service to it’s patients, then the results speak for themselves.

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