Dodekagram: A Digital Tool for Connecting you to Tailored Christian Content

A new faith-based mobile-phone app is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter that enables users to completely personalize their spiritual journey, enabling them to watch videos from spiritually-minded creators that seek to inspire them, guide them and teach them. It offers customized experiences tailored towards each of the different ways people connect with God. Known as Dodekagram, this innovative app encourages those who use it to grow spiritually in whatever way they find most fulfilling as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. It allows them to connect to a variety of different experiences from listening to a personalized Bible-study being taught by a Baptist pastor to being taught how to meditate by a Catholic monk or painting along with an artist as she explains how art can connect us with God.

Dodekagram seeks to bridge the gap between spirituality and technology, helping our digital culture to incorporate pathways towards spiritually meaningful lives. It is based on six categories of worshippers: thinkers, lovers, preservers, doers, performers and discerners, each of which is subdivided into two composite parts to arrive at twelve types of religious observers based on the ways in which they pursue their relationships with God. The first of these types is Rationalists, who connect with the creator via their minds, followed by Secularists, who do so via contemporary issues. The third type is Naturalists, who feel close to God when they are in nature, and the fourth is Artists, who connect with the Divine via art, beauty and creating.

Next is Scripturalists, whose relationship with God is based on reading and studying the Bible, followed by Traditionalists, whose relationship with God is centered in the traditions of the Church. Then there are Altruists, who connect with God by serving and helping others, Activists, who do so by advocating for others, Perfectionists, who do so by seeking to live faultlessly, and Ritualists, who do so via the performance of rituals. The final two types are Supernaturalists and then Mysticists, who draw spiritual from the Divine by way of supernatural experiences and self-discovery and meditation, respectively. Rather than assuming that all spiritual people are the same, Dodekagram uses this typology to tailor the experiences that are provided to the user. It is the brainchild of Derek Cooper, author of numerous published books about religion as well as someone with an MBA, and is set to be the next big mobile-phone app for those who want to live spiritually rich lives in our digital culture. Check out the Kickstarter at

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