New Book Empowers Kids with Learning Differences, Teaches Advocacy

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San Antonio, Texas Sep 27, 2021 ( – Roughly one in five children in the United States learn differently, yet we live in a society that wants us all to fit a particular mold. The stigma that comes with being “different” or not having neurotypical social behavior, can create low self-esteem in kids who are often quite bright, yet misunderstood.

Do you know what can help level the playground playing field for all? Teaching them that we’re all different, and to speak up and share about what makes them unique.

Just in time for National Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, “The Mischief Makers Learn Differences are Awesome” will be released this Friday, Oct. 1. The third installment in the children’s book series by Author Christie Cuthbert, this book is beyond powerful and needed in a society where if you don’t fit the mold, you’re sometimes seen as “odd” or “peculiar.” There’s also a huge lack of representation for these kids in children’s literature.

“Never before has there been a book for kids about understanding learning differences that promotes friendship, sharing and teaches kids to advocate for themselves with peers until now,” Cuthbert said. “I would know. As a mom of a child with learning differences, I’ve searched and bought any book I felt could help my son over the years, but there’s very little out there. I’ve never been prouder of anything I’ve ever written because of the impact I know this book will have for so many children who feel different.”

The book’s narrative is child-led, with classmates on the first day of school opening up about their differences and educating others. Through sharing, the kids realize they’re all different, and “that’s awesome.” In connecting with their classmates, stigma and judgment are decreased, and the kids get to know each other for who they really are.

“While at summer camp last year my son learned to share about his vocal tic with his peers,” Cuthbert said. “The kids went from making fun to understanding and, in turn, standing up for him when a new camper would join the group. It was so moving to watch these kids support one another and teach each other. When we educate and normalize something for kids, it becomes, well, normal instead of ‘odd’ or ‘different.’”

The book covers Dyslexia, ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome, mood disorders, processing delays, and more, educating but also keeping kids laughing with the antics of Stew the dog.

“The idea is that we all have something that makes us different,” Cuthbert said. “It could be a learning difference or simply hating green beans, but we all have something.”

Stephanie Tsapakis, Founder and CEO of LD Expert is thrilled to see a book with relatable characters for all.

“This book teaches kids to advocate for themselves and appreciate differences, and that’s so important,” she said.

The book will be available on Amazon,, and certain special retailers.

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