Dyslexia Talk Reveals Surprising Facts for Educators/Parents/Teachers

Sue Blyth Hall, has a message for everyone connected with so-called learning disabilities. ‘Everyone is learning able IF they are enabled to learn in the way they were born to learn.’

Her Tedx talk entitled DYSLEXIA; ENABLE THE DIFFERENT LEARNER | TEDx Bear Creek Park, https://youtu.be/cPX-RYBkCow brings this message home, as does her book, FISH DON’T CLIMB TREES. All of her insights are based on 22 years of working as a Davis Dyslexia Correction(R) Facilitator, her experience as a dyslexic herself and watching her son’s love of learning wane when he met the education system. Sue founded THE WHOLE DYSLEXIC SOCIETY to get this message widely known, to raise money for those who can’t afford Davis(R) programs, to get DAVIS(R) LEARNING STRATEGIES into mainstream education and to build a strong community of like-minded individuals.

Her message is so different and needs to be heard because not only does it lay the disability at the door of the education system, it also describes a completely unique and different approach to learning challenges such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADD, ADHD. This different approach has a 98% success rate and avoids giving individuals more of what they couldn’t do in the first place or the crutches that are currently used. If teachers used these simple strategies in K-3 classrooms with the whole class, then the so-called learning challenges wouldn’t have a chance to develop! How amazing is that? No early intervention, no testing, no segregating, no more endless repetition and memorization, no loss of self-esteem and most importantly, no label.

How can this be? Well, thanks to Ronald D Davis, author of THE GIFT OF DYSLEXIA, Sue discovered that the dyslexic brain is not mis-wired; it may be neurodiverse, but in a nutshell, challenges occur because mainstream education is built for the ‘pc’ computer and wonderfully dyslexic individuals, happen to be the ‘apple macs’. Nothing wrong with either computer, they just run on different systems. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to spreading this message.

Sue hopes that by shedding light on the problem, the education system will be encouraged to learn more about this well-documented solution and make the necessary small but far reaching changes. Every child entering school ‘is entitled to a Cognitive Equal Opportunity’ and the first step is to bring about the shift in our approach to ‘Everyone is learning able, IF they are enabled to learn in the way they were born to learn.’

Sue’s Tedx Talk is a very short version of her book FISH DON’T CLIMB TREES which shares many stories – hers, her son’s, her students’ . It gives a detailed description of the natural ability to alter perception, which is the gift that underpins the challenges in the 2D world of print and the talents that arise when this gift is used in the 3D world. It outlines the shortcomings in the current education system (she hastens to add not in the teachers) and suggests simple, easy to implement and cost effective strategies to bring about the much needed new paradigm. These strategies include self-regulation tools, a way to clear existing confusions, a reading exercise for both the ‘pc’ and ‘apple mac computer’, and a unique way of introducing meaning to all words in a hands-on fun way. They position all children to learn in the way they were born to learn.

She invites you to visit THE WHOLE DYSLEXIC SOCIETY’s website https://www.thewds.org. Comments and questions from subscribers are welcomed as the intention is to improve outreach and connect with people who have a strong interest in changing the education system.

It is no longer acceptable for children to enter school with a learning difference and leave with a learning disability label. They are not learning disabled, it’s an injustice and it’s changing. If you remove the reason for the problem, the problem ceases to exist. Thank you for your time and encouragement.

The entire Tedx Bear Creek Park event is available to view in full at https://tedxsurrey.ca

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