Packaging ERP Software: Optimize Operations with Tools Designed for Packaging Printers

Rapid growth is expected in every packaging printing segment. Packaging ERP software can help companies capture that opportunity with automated smart workflows and software tools designed especially for the packaging industry. The result is the ability to deliver short runs, versioning and customization, die library optimization, and built in imposition– providing a streamlined time saving solution for folding carton manufacturers and converters.

Die Libraries

Packaging ERP software that includes comprehensive management of your die assets can cut labor time searching for dies, wondering about their condition. Consider an MIS/ERP with tools registry features.

  • Find tools fast and easily.
  • Cut down on labor costs.
  • Find tools easily and quickly
  • Make readies flow quickly because the right tool in the right condition is found.
  • Inventory of dies and tools is kept updated and repairs done as a matter of course rather than making emergency repairs

Tool management

A Tools Registry in packaging ERP software give information on the actual durability of each die. It describes the life cycle of the die from purchase to exhaustion. This is invaluable in preventing downtime, as when a tool is retrieved from the library but is blind or broken.

Tools History includes:

  • When die was used
  • By whom
  • On which Job
  • On which machine
  • On which task (makeready, run)
  • How many makereadies, sheets, were done

Automating your packaging or label die library allows you to reduce downtime, labor costs and re-makes and eliminate redundant steps so that your packaging and label business saves time, resources and money.

Packaging Imposition for folding cartons

Many imposition applications exist, but only one packaging ERP software automates dieline and nesting imposition for box making. HiFlow for Folding Box includes an imposition module that auto generates interlocking layouts used for die/punch making and as guidelines during printing.

This dramatically reduces labor cost and streamlines prepress operations, saves time on nested print layouts and eliminates errors. When you use efficient imposition, you minimize paper wastage and improve earnings.

Consider HiFlow Solutions

HiFlow’s MIS/ERP technology solutions will propel your packaging/label company into the heart of the 2020s with end-to-end management information and an MES system specifically designed for packaging, label, and flexographic companies. HiFlow’s comprehensive tools and features increase speed, reduce wasted time, and facilitate connectivity in the production workflow and business operations.

HiFlow’s consultative approach seeks to understand your packaging company’s unique set of challenges, problems, and needs FIRST. Then, our goal is to build a positive relationship by solving packaging and label industry problems–from modernization and expansion of your business to inventory and factory logistics, scheduling functionality, to workflow and production issues. 

Technology like packaging ERP software can prepare your company for the opportunities the market will offer in the 2020s.

Reach out to HiFlow Solutions today.

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