Gujarat declares new solar policy

The Gujarat government on Tuesday dispatched another sun oriented arrangement to guarantee clean energy.

The new arrangement, as indicated by the public authority, will chop down reliance on ordinary coal-based force age and will help MSME industry in its creation cost.

Boss priest Vijay Rupani declared the Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2021 within the sight of energy serve Saurabh Patel and priest of state (energy) Pradeepsinh Jadeja.

The CM stated, “The state government had implemented a solar policy in 2015 to increase the growth of the solar energy sector and provide affordable electricity to the people. Considering the overwhelming response to this policy, the govt is now going to implement the new “Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2021″ to ensure clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy”.

He further added that the state has taken different proactive measures and made quick walks to take the advancement of sustainable power in the state to another stature. This has brought about the general development of the sustainable power area and made Gujarat a pioneer in the country.

Expansion in consumption and production of sun based energy in the state will cut down creation cost for ventures and quicken the ‘Made in Gujarat’ brand and increment its essence in the worldwide market.

Giving insights concerning the arrangement, the CM added that expanded sun oriented energy age will decrease reliance on regular force assets like coal-based plants and thusly advance climate inviting – green and clean energy age.

The chief minister further added, “Gujarat model is already proving to be very important in the solar power sector. Moving forward in the same direction, the government has made an important decision to make Gujarat a hub of green energy by expanding the RE generation base. Solar Policy-2021 has been announced to accelerate the development in this sector and I am confident the state will guide India in renewable energy development in the near future”.

The state government has reported a few advantages that give a significant lift in advancing a more promising time to come for the advancement of greener and cleaner environmentally friendly power in Gujarat.

Also, MSME and huge scope enterprises will be urged to utilize sun powered energy and along these lines have the option to cut down their creation cost.

Giving more details about the policy, the chief minister said, “MSMEs will be able to reduce their cost of production due to solar energy usage and also large-scale industries too will be able to compete in the global market”.

The new solar power policy will be substantial for a very long time for example up to December 2025 and advantages of the sun oriented ventures set up under this arrangement can be profited for a task life of 25 years.

Providing details about incentives of the newly unveiled policy, the chief minister said, “Any person 0r developer 0r consumer can set up solar projects without any capacity ceiling while the existing ceiling of 50% sanctioned load 0r contracted demand has been removed”.

Purchasers can set up sun oriented activities on their rooftop 0r premises or can give their rooftop 0r premises on rent to outsider for age and utilization of intensity in similar premises.

Additionally, a gathering of purchasers can set up sun powered tasks for self-utilization as an aggregate proprietorship project and can devour the created energy in the proportion of their possession.

The arrangement for security store to be presented by designer to DISCOMs has been diminished from Rs 25 lakh 0r MW to Rs 5 lakh 0r MW.

The state government is empowering customers, ranchers, co-employable social orders, family units and little engineers to set up sun powered ventures and contribute towards the public authority’s drive of improvement of Clean and Green energy through different approach activities like SURYA Gujarat Scheme, PM-KUSUM Scheme and Small Scale Distributed Solar Projects Policy 2019.

The new arrangement will additionally reinforce these endeavors. To energize limited scope sun oriented tasks, power Distribution Companies will presently buy power from these limited scale sunlight based ventures (up to 4 MW) at 20 paise 0r unit duty higher than tax found through serious offering while DISCOMs will buy sun based force from projects over 4 MW limit through a serious offering measure.

The central clergyman further referenced that the state government will buy overflow energy subsequent to setting off against their utilization. For Residential Consumers (Surya Gujarat Yojana) and MSMEs (producing) for hostage utilization, DISCOMs will buy overflow energy after set off against their utilization at Rs 2.25 per unit for starting 5 years and from that point at 75% of most recent duty found and shrunk by GUVNL through serious offering measure for non-park based sunlight based undertakings in going before a half year which will stay fixed for residual existence of the task.

For any remaining customers, it will be bought at 75% of most recent duty found and shrunk by GUVNL through a serious offering measure for non-park based sun based undertakings in going before a half year which will stay fixed for the task life of 25 years.

Taking everything into account for HT shoppers and LT (request based) customers, it will be Rs 1.50 per unit for their sun powered energy utilization while for any remaining purchasers and MSME units it will be Rs 1.10 per unit.

Besides, no financial charges will be appropriate to Residential Consumers and Govt. Structures. Cross Subsidy Surcharge (CSS) and Additional Surcharge (AS) won’t be relevant if there should be an occurrence of self-utilization (hostage).

Nonetheless, CSS and as pertinent to typical open access purchasers will stay appropriate in the event of undertakings for outsider deal.

Rupani added that transmission and wheeling charges or misfortunes will be pertinent as applicable to ordinary open access purchasers while endowment uphold from the public authority will be proceeded for Solar Rooftop Projects set up under SURYA-Gujarat conspire.

Sun based Projects set up under this arrangement may have assessed reserve funds to purchasers as follows:

  • Residential Consumer – Rs. 1.77 – 3.78 per unit
  • Industrial and Commercial (Captive) – Rs. 2.92 – 4.31 per unit
  • Industrial and Commercial (Third Party Sale) – Rs. 0.91 – 2.30 per unit.

Gujarat has just accomplished 11,000 MW of creation limit and has set an objective of delivering 30,000 MW of efficient power energy by 2022, which will to a great extent incorporate breeze and sunlight based energy.

Additionally, Gujarat has effectively executed the Solar Rooftop Scheme and is presently producing around 800 MW of sun based energy from it. Gujarat has been positioned first in the nation for biggest sun oriented housetop establishments.

Aside from dispatching the primary sunlight based approach in the nation, Gujarat has dispatched “Surya Gujarat Yojana”. The public authority is expanding the limit of Charanka Solar Park in Patan and works are in the usage stage for 1,000 MW sun powered park at Dholera and 700 MW sun oriented park at Raghanesda. Along these lines, Gujarat has likewise accomplished an extraordinary spot in the field of environmentally friendly power.

He added that the Prime Minister as of late established the framework stone for the World’s biggest environmentally friendly power park close to Khavda in Kutch locale which will be spread more than 60,000 hectares of region. This cross breed environmentally friendly power park will provide another guidance to the state taking everything into account.

When this 30 GW sustainable power park begins working, it will produce around 60,000 million units of spotless and environmentally friendly power energy and this will bring about a decrease of 60 million tons of carbon.

This, however it will likewise bring about saving 40 million tons of coal and offer business occasions to around 25,000 individuals every year.

Aside from Gujarat, this RE Park will likewise give energy to different states and thusly help businesses of these states to produce work.

Energy serve Saurabh Patel said that this new strategy which is being actualized by Gujarat Government will support the improvement of contamination free environmentally friendly power and help quicken the area.

He added that this arrangement will take Gujarat forward in turning into the Energy Hub. On the off chance that we take a gander at the nation’s set of experiences, Gujarat has given an incredible occasion to interface individuals in the field of energy.

This arrangement will empower everybody, be it private customers, ranchers, business purchasers, little and medium modern houses, strict and instructive organizations, to create power and sell it after their own utilization.

Significant motivations declared under the new arrangement

  • Any individual 0r designer 0r buyer can set up sun based activities according to his prerequisite with no limit roof.
  • Existing roof of half of endorsed load 0r contracted interest for setting up sun powered task is eliminated.
  • Consumers can set up sun based activities on their rooftop 0r premises or can give their rooftop 0r premises on rent to the outsider for age and utilization of intensity in similar premises.
  • A gathering of buyers can set up sun oriented activities for self-utilization as an aggregate proprietorship project and devour the produced sunlight based energy in the proportion of possession.
  • Security store to be outfitted by engineer to DISCOMs for PPA has been diminished from Rs 25 lakh for each MW to Rs 5 lakh for every MW.
  • New sun based force strategy will be employable for a very long time for example up to 31.12.2025.
  • Benefits of the sun powered tasks set up under this arrangement can be profited for an undertaking life of 25 years.

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