Gujarat: Amdavadis made booster efforts of turmeric, ginger during lockdown

What was the go-to panacea for Amdavadis, and Gujaratis everywhere, during the three lockdown months to keep Covid under control? An overview did at NIPER Ahmedabad uncovered over 80% of the 600-odd respondents confided in turmeric and ginger plans to battle the viral contamination.

Abhijeet Kate, partner educator at NIPER-A, said the overview looked to understand what was the dependable insusceptibility supporter with local people during the pandemic. The overview was planned by understudies with individuals of Ahmedabad and Gujarat as essential respondents. It uncovered turmeric and ginger as the best option for good wellbeing devoured by 490 and 480 respondents separately.

Heavenly basil (tulsi leaves) were devoured by 410 respondents, garlic by 260, neem by 250, cinnamon by 220, onion by 180, and liquorice (jethimadh) by 170. “While the survey mapped consumption and not impact, responses showed many adopted home remedies with experiential knowledge and perception of less side effects,” said Prof Kate.

‘Be cautious when taking home-made remedies’

Those tulsi leaves in the first part of the day and turmeric milk have their medical advantages, concur specialists, while giving an expression of alert on trying too hard or taking spices/toppings/mixtures without understanding their tendency.

“Condiments including turmeric and ginger are used by our society for generations. If we understand the nature of turmeric or licorice, it throws the cough out of the body. But turmeric in excess is not advisable for some individuals as it’s hot by nature,” said Vaidya Bhavdeep Ganatra.

Vaidya Ram Shukla said that Ayurveda has several creations. “But the kwath – as the concoctions are known – are prepared based on a person’s nature. If we take it without understanding it or at wrong time, or in very hot or cold state, it would not give any medicinal benefits,” he said. “Ginger, if taken in excess, can lead to loose motions or give burning sensation in stomach. While such condiments would not have severe side effects, it’s always better to take it with medical opinion and in moderate quantity.”

City-based specialists said that there is an ascent sought after for different toppings for their utilization in home-made creations and as insusceptibility promoters.

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