Gaushala to create 11 lakh Diwali lights from cow dung in Ahmedabad

The owner of a steers cover close to Ahmedabad has started making Diwali lights out of cow excrement and has set an objective of making 11 lakh lights from dairy animals fertilizer in front of the celebration.

Paresh Patel, who runs the Jai Mahakaal Gir Gaushala at Nidhrad town close to Sanand, says he has utilized 40 ladies from the town as of now and expects to give methods for job to upwards of 200 ladies of the town by making Diwali lights out of bovine fertilizer. His cow cover houses 80 cows.

“I started off this year by making Ganesha idols from cow dung. Besides, I am associated with the ‘Gau Maya Diya’ project of Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog (RKA) and they will also assist me in marketing the lamps,” said Patel, who included that every light will cost somewhere in the range of eight and 28 rupees relying upon what amount enhanced it is.

Patel, 41, said that the town is going through troublesome occasions on account of the lockdown and resulting log jam. “There are no jobs nearby. At present, about 40 women of the village are getting between Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 every day. As Diwali approaches and depending on the demand for the lamps, I intend to provide work for at least 200 women and girls from the village,” he said.

Patel said that since this is the primary year of exploring different avenues regarding cow manure lights, he will have a reasonable thought regarding how much income he can create out of the venture, after Diwali. “There is a need to educate people about the benefits of cow-based products. The biggest advantage that we have is that this year, Chinese made lamps have not been imported,” Patel said.

Aside from Diwali lights, Patel’s gaushala has been making various different items from dairy animals manure like symbols of Ganesha and those of different divine beings and goddesses, versatile holders, window boxes, divider paintings, incense sticks, projects for strict functions like ‘havan’ and so forth.

The RKA has set an objective of making 11 crore ‘Gau Maya Diyas’ (Diwali lights from dairy animals fertilizer) this year, and has been in contact with gaushalas, self improvement gatherings and others to accomplish this objective.

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