Ahmedabad: Boat proprietors seek help for technology adoption to spare fishermen’s lives

Veraval’s pontoon proprietors’ affiliation have looked for that the administration helps in quicker innovation selection among anglers so their life can be spared.

During a question and answer session held in Ahmedabad on Tuesday, delegates of the affiliation referenced that anglers are frequently caught mid-ocean and lose their carries on with because of an absence of convenient data and absence of SoS information accessibility.

Tulsibhai Gohel, president, Veraval’s Boat Owners’ Association – ‘Kharva Sanyukta Machhimar Boat Association’, stated, “Fishermen are often trapped mid-sea and lose their lives due to a lack of timely information and lack of SoS data availability. Our vessels and fishermen are routinely apprehended by neighbouring countries, with the most recent incident being the detaining of 49 fishermen on September 15 by Pakistan. However, we are in need of urgent government’s intervention to keep us secure.”

The affiliation has looked for government’s immediate intercession to address their interests about the requirement for receiving cutting edge computerized and satellite correspondences advancements to guarantee the wellbeing of anglers on the high oceans.

Veraval is the center of fisheries enterprises in Gujarat having a yearly turnover of Rs 5,000 crore. At any rate 100 out of some 130-odd organizations into fisheries are based and work from Veraval.

“Highly advanced and affordable technology that can benefit us is available, however, there is no scheme announced by the centre or the state government to make it affordable and accessible to fishermen, For instance, we have tested a transponder, which has two-way data communication directly over satellite and works in the deep-sea. We thus, request the government to broadly deploy latest technology immediately, as any delay will lead to further loss of lives,” he further went on to say.

As indicated by affiliation individuals, innovation reception would spare existences of the anglers as well as will likewise help increment their profitability.“Through two-way data systems, it is now becoming easier to send fish location data to fishermen at sea to ensure better supply and demand matching, while allowing fishermen to access markets and transact at sea to maximize the value of their catch,” said a senior member of the association.

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