One Run Stronger is helping to positively change lives one run at a time

Queens, NY, USA — Founded by runner Meet Chrystal in 2020, One Run Stronger is a company that motivates and brings changes in people’s lives through running. 

One Run Stronger was created by a runner, Meet Chrystal, in 2020 for the runners. This company is dedicated to empowering runners with stories of resilience, confidence and motivation. One Run Stronger is building a community that connects people from all walks of life who are striving for one goal: becoming the best version of themselves through running! 

The founder initially began running to lose weight. However, it became a discipline for her. She has now become a Certified USA Track and Field coach and a mentor for other runners. After some years, she decided to start One Run Stronger to motivate others and help them make positive changes in their lives.

Whether a person is just a beginner or has been running for years, both can join this community. The community’s motto is motivation, inspiration, and accountability.

 A spokesperson for the company said, “One Run Stronger assists runners in finding inspiration, motivation, a support system when times are rough, or even just some accountability in their path. We provide you with tools that not only enable you to overcome obstacles but also convey signals about who you are and not what others tell us.”

Additionally, One Run Stronger wants to ensure that they give back as much as possible to society. Therefore a portion of every sale is donated to Achilles International, a charity that focuses on assisting runners in reaching their objectives. So, in addition to receiving a fantastic product, one also contributes to helping individuals who might be unable to function without a little extra assistance.

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About One Run Stronger:

For amateur and experienced runners, One Run Stronger was developed by a runner. This business is a fantastic place to find motivation for using running to make improvements in their life. With the help of running, One Run Stronger hopes to create a community that can inspire and effect positive change in people’s lives.

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Ya Uncle$ Dope Releases New Song Titled “Press Rewind”

Denver, CO, USA — This well-crafted collaboration with hip-hop artist Profess & singer/songwriter Thir13een will leave listeners amazed.

Producer Ya Uncle$ Dope is dropping the new single “Press Rewind” featuring hip-hop artist Profess and singer/songwriter Thir13een. Available on all streaming platforms on September 1, 2022.

The song describes a story of a couple who are deeply in love/lust yet conflicted. The man already has a kid, but his lady accepts him despite the challenges that come with children from previous relationships. The woman, “tattooed” in his mind, expresses the depth of his desire for her as it’s difficult for him to contain himself simply by viewing her lips. The man envisions this beautiful woman as his future wife.

Was it love or lust at first sight for the protagonist who felt strongly for the woman on just their second encounter. She appeared to be the only glimpse of peace and was a beautiful distraction from negativity. He urges listeners to cherish the person they are with even during the tough times that occur in all relationships.

Speaking about the song, Ya Uncle$ Dope said, “This is an expression of the up and downs that people experience in many relationships. This is a story that everyone can connect with…directly or indirectly.”

Listen to the song ”Press Rewind ”on SoundCloud.

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Far-reaching implications of the Ethereum merge

ETH merge PoW and Pos by UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace

London, United Kingdom, 20th Aug 2022, Merge is considered one of the biggest events in crypto history since the birth of Bitcoin. No blockchain has changed so drastically in the history of cryptocurrencies. The beacon chain is an empty chain that can be integrated with the Ethereum blockchain to replace the PoW mechanism of Ethereum without caring about any other variables. Once the two chains merge, Ethereum’s PoW verification will be replaced by a brand new PoS consensus mechanism. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Ethereum can be said to be the largest and most secure system in the field of encryption in the entire economic ecology. The security of all these economic activities will be transformed from a pow-based economy to a pos-based economy. Therefore, mistakes are definitely more risky, which is one of the main reasons why this merge took so long, because there is a lot of testing and refinement involved. The planned merge upgrade on the Ethereum blockchain, moving it from a proof-of-work (PoW) system to a greener proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism, will have many consequences. These include reducing energy intensity, the transition to deflationary assets, and a “potential roadmap for a more scalable future through sharding.” (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

The merge will have a huge impact on Ethereum’s economy, especially for investors. The merge will change the economy of Ethereum in two ways. Reduce the issuance of Ethereum and use Ethereum as a native yield asset. The merge is the first of five planned upgrades to the network, which could increase transaction speeds by as little as 10% by reducing block times. The upgrade, however, paves the way for “Surge,” the network’s next planned upgrade, the merge that will reduce annual ETH issuance from 4.3% to 0.43%. This is because the PoS consensus mechanism has been fundamentally improved. PoS is designed to provide the highest level of blockchain security at the lowest cost, and by reducing the amount of ETH that is issued to maintain security, these saved amounts of ETH are more beneficial to Ethereum. Switching from PoW at the same time will reduce the overall issuance of ether by 4.2% per year, and as ether (ETH) eventually becomes deflationary, this may improve the token’s situation as a store of value. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

The move to PoS turns ETH into a form of income for the network. Having the underlying cash flow would allow for a range of valuation methods not currently available for blockchain. Since Ethereum is both yielding and deflationary, it is unlikely to be the highest throughput blockchain. Given its “enhanced store of value properties,” it is more likely to be a place where more and more total locked value is protected and traded.The merged ETH currently has $11.4 million in ETH pledged, with an annualized rate of return of 4.6%. This ETH-denominated benefit comes only from staking rewards. In PoS, stakers will also receive Gas fees that now belong to miners, which will increase APR by a factor of 2 or more. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

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DEX exchange construction and advantages

Crypto exchange DEX and CEX construction with UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace

London, United Kingdom, 20th Aug 2022,  DEX is the abbreviation of Decentralized Exchange. It is a form of operation of a cryptocurrency exchange that is built and operated in a decentralized manner on the platform. At the same time, it also has a special skill that allows transactions to be completed point-to-point on the network blockchain without any intermediary. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)   

With the development of the overall economy, the technological development of blockchain is also becoming more and more mature, and it has been able to fully support the development process of decentralized exchanges. At the same time, with the improvement of technology, decentralized exchanges have now occupied half of the market. Although most people are still accustomed to completing transactions on centralized trading platforms, the problems they face are becoming more and more acute. For example, fake transactions and frequent hacker attacks make users gradually lose confidence, so more and more people are turning to decentralized trading centers to ensure the safety of assets. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

In the process of DEX trading, no one or a centralized institution can use your assets. In the decentralized trading center, all links are decentralized and targetless management, such as asset deposits, order information, asset exchange, are all completed under the premise of decentralization. No permission is required and there are no barriers to access. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace

There is an essential difference between DEX decentralization and CEX centralized exchange. The advantages of DEX are: (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

1. DEXs are usually used to buy tokens, not coins. These tokens can only be purchased in the blockchain’s native currency, such as Ethereum, and if traders want to buy and sell lesser-known tokens, DEXs are the way to go.

2. DEX does not require identification. Users can operate completely anonymously.

3. DEX usually charge much lower fees.

4. Since the DEX is not run by a company, there is no customer support. Make sure you are familiar with how to use DEX before you start trading.

5. The user controls the funds, not the central agency of the decentralized exchange. Due to the peer-to-peer network architecture, the control of the funds is always in the hands of the user. Private keys are controlled by the user and are not shared with exchanges.  

6. Security: Decentralized exchanges are more secure because user information is not stored on a central server. Even if hackers gain access to user information, not the entire network, the attack is partial.

DEX decentralized exchanges are mainly divided into three types, which all allow users to trade directly with each other through their smart contracts. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

1: Automated Market Maker (AMM): is the key technology of the DEX decentralized exchange, liquidity providers earn passive income through transaction fees, which are based on their contribution to the asset pool as a percentage. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

2. Order Book DEX: A key feature of the order book model is that they allow users to submit two types of orders: market orders or limit orders.

3. DEX aggregator: The more complex the product types on the chain, the greater the user demand for the aggregator layer. About 20% of the monthly on-chain transaction volume is generated through the DEX aggregator, and there is a clear growth trend. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace).

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Cryptocurrency Markets, Why Institutional Lending Matters

Crtpyomarkets,basic concepts with UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace

London, United Kingdom, 20th Aug 2022, Before talking about impact, let me introduce some basic concepts to you.

About cryptocurrency: A medium of exchange that uses cryptographic principles to secure transactions and control the creation of transaction units, it is a type of digital currency.

Lending institutions must be familiar to everyone. Here is the process of cryptocurrency lending structure. At present, most of the users mortgage the cryptocurrency in their hands to the platform, and the platform lends the user a certain amount of cash or USDT in proportion.

Let’s analyze the reason for its existence: because market makers need it. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

The definition of a market maker is a professional securities dealer or individual that has certain privileges on the exchange and undertakes to buy when the market is over-sold and sell when the market is over-buy. So it has an interesting English name MarketMaker, which means market creator. Market makers were originally institutional arrangements introduced to facilitate transactions or reduce transaction costs, which can effectively make the market alive. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

The market maker is a regulating hand, and often needs to buy and sell to enhance the liquidity of the market and prevent the market from stagnant. And trading requires a lot of capital, so market makers will use credit to place orders. Most of the credit in the crypto market today goes to market makers. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Therefore, the importance of lending institutions has gradually emerged.

If there is a lack of platform loans in the market, the transaction volume that can be realized will be greatly reduced, and the ability of market makers to regulate the market will gradually decline over time. Without regulation, the liquidity of the market will decrease, and the depth will also decrease. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

What is the current state of lending in the market?

Let’s take a look at what platforms are available for lending in the cryptocurrency market. At present, the lending institutions we can see include Celsius, BlockFi, etc., and the decentralized institutions include Clearpool and so on. Many institutions have suffered huge losses due to market turmoil, and most of the centralized institutions have gone out of business. In order to reduce risk, surviving institutions also gradually began to withdraw their loans. In the peak period of the market, institutions issued an average of nearly tens of billions of loans each month, and now Celsius has only less than 100 million outstanding loans. Moreover, after the platform has learned this lesson, the future lending conditions will be more stringent, and more collateral will be required when lending. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

In such a severe lending situation, even experienced people in the market cannot get funds to trade, and gradually top trading will be affected. Although its liquidity seems to be maintained well at present, its potential risks in the long run cannot be ignored. And the solution to all this is to find new credit institutions to re-fund the cryptocurrency market. Maybe the entire cryptocurrency market will be in this state until it is found. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

How does the future of the cryptocurrency market develop?

Although the market is currently deadlocked due to the lack of support from credit institutions, we still have to maintain confidence and hope in the market, and give lending institutions time to adjust and recuperate, so that they can optimize themselves and return to the market after self-improvement, re-injecting a new impetus into the cryptocurrency market. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

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A Guide to Strategies for Crypto Trading

Crypto trading strategy by UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace

London, United Kingdom, 20th Aug 2022,  Crypto trading is high risk but also high reward. Like other transactions, there is no collateral in crypto transactions. The benefits of crypto trading are indeed very considerable. Many people rely on this to make money, but this is very risky, and most people are not suitable. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Crypto trading

You must have heard of Ponzi schemes, high volatility, price swings, and margin sell-offs that have made some bold, cool-thinking traders earn a lot of money, especially during bull markets.(UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Cryptocurrency is an unstable thing. When the currency price is depreciated like the Bolivar currency, most people will be afraid of losing too much and choose to sell. At this time, there will be some more experienced traders who can profit from it.

This article mainly introduces you to some of the most common trading strategies for cryptocurrencies that you can use in your future trading. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Technical analysis

To learn crypto trading, you first need to understand the basic principles of cryptocurrency technology. If you have no relevant experience, you need to learn from the basics of how to see icons, how to draw lines, and how to set prices. If you have some experience trading foreign exchange and stocks, you can skip the step above. But cryptocurrencies are different from ordinary foreign exchange and stocks. Ordinary price trends are stable and can be analyzed according to technical methods. The price of cryptocurrencies is unstable, the market moves fast, and it is vulnerable to price manipulation. This requires a certain degree of experience to be well adapted to the operation of cryptocurrencies. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Crypto Trading Strategies

Strategy 1: Hodl (hold for the long term)

Hodl was from a person on the Bitcointalk forum who had miswritten “holding” as “hodling”. The typo was then widely circulated, eventually morphing into an acronym for “hold on for dear life”. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Hodl does not require skill or experience for beginners, everyone can do it, but it is a long-term currency trading strategy.

The Hodl strategy mainly requires you to buy a potential currency, store it, and sell it later. But this strategy has great drawbacks. First of all, you cannot ensure that the currency you buy has the potential to increase in value in the future, while it may even depreciate in value. Secondly, there may be network problems, there are too many uncertain factors in the future, and there is also the problem of lost password keys. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

If you bought bitcoin at a price of $3,000 in 2016, and the price rose to $30,000 without selling it, you missed an opportunity to earn $20,000+. You may want to wait for it to rise again, but it keeps falling to 5000. It’s not that simple to be able to sell at the best opportunity, but it’s worth it at $20,000. The long-term game is important, but you’re better off profiting when prices rise sharply. This is a prudent and sensible approach to maintaining liquidity. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Strategy 2: Swing Trading

It is a short-term trading strategy that can use technology to manipulate prices. To be proficient, you need to understand basic technical analysis knowledge. When you understand this part of the technology, your market observation, and the price movement will be very keen. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Swing trading is all about making the right move at the right time. It is very simple to maximize the profit as much as possible during the period of market price instability. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

The key factor in trading is to set a budget in advance every time you trade to prevent excessive losses. As long as there is a profit each time, even if the profit is not very high, it is fine. High-profit opportunities in the market are generally difficult to capture, and low profit by reducing losses is the highest priority swing trade. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Strategy 3: Day Trading 

Day trading is mainly about making quick and sensible decisions, which can minimize your losses and maximize your profits. It is impossible to make a 100% accurate decision. If you encounter a huge loss, you can guarantee to close your position.

Day trading takes a lot of time every day to seize the favorable price trend for trading. This is extremely challenging for beginners. Newcomers may not know basic technical analysis and have little experience in the market. Although the return of this transaction is huge, it takes a long time for beginners to accumulate and pay a lot of tuition before they can make a profit. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

Day traders need to keep an eye on price movements, prevent losses, and avoid long and short traps and losses. As a day trader, learn to identify possible support or resistance, enter the trade at a better time, set a target, and set a stop loss price. Every market price movement is an opportunity for you, and you need to seize every possible profit opportunity. This way you can become a qualified cryptocurrency day trader in no time. (UKBTCAutomated Trade Marketplace)

These are the main cryptocurrency trading strategies.

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Bitcoin Introduction and Operation

BTC operation and introduction by UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace

London, United Kingdom, 20th Aug 2022, Bitcoin was originally proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Bitcoin, also known as virtual currency, is a digital currency in the form of P2P. It is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies. Commonly referred to as decentralized digital currency. 

As a virtual digital asset, Bitcoin is a relatively safe and reliable way to conduct transactions between two parties through the Internet. Of course, it also has a store of value, and many people also invest in it in the same way as investing in gold. Not only that, we can use Bitcoin to buy products and services, or to pay and exchange value electronically. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace

Bitcoin is different from traditional currency. Bitcoin is virtual, there is no physical object, and there is no need for cards, banks and other third parties when purchasing, which is very convenient. And it can be sent directly to the other party through online operations, and it can be safely credited to the account immediately.

So how to operate Bitcoin? Here below is the answer. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

We all have times when we need to send emails to each other. At this time, we can communicate directly with each other just by adding the email address. This type of communication is generally referred to as peer-to-peer communication. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

When people want to transfer money to each other through the Internet, they are always inseparable from third-party services, such as Alipay, WeChat, credit card and other remittance services. But why do so many people use it now? The main reason is that the third party is equivalent to a guaranteed platform. In fact, it takes time to verify whether the two parties are reasonable and compliant to complete the transaction. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

For example, if you want to send a photo to others, you only need to open the email, then attach the photo, enter the recipient’s email address, and click send. The other person gets the email, sees the photo, and we think it is over, but it isn’t. We think that the photos we send are the original photos, but in fact there are two copies of the photos, one is from the email and the other is the original file. The photos we send are copies, not the original files, the original files are still on the computer. This is what I’m going to talk about next: double spending. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

The question is whether the transaction is genuine or not. How to give bitcoins to the other party online without a third party to prove the transfer? It is executed in a global network of tens of thousands of computers of a Bitcoin network and a special type of decentralized laser technology of the blockchain. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Bitcoin is protected by mathematical data encryption, as well as storing and verifying data, securely and efficiently capturing information related to all transactions. But there is no third-party data, such as the need for a bank to prove that the transaction occurred. Bitcoin securely verifies and records every transaction through the decentralized use of blockchain technology in the Internet. Because such decentralized data can be stored in the network, there is no single point of failure. In this way, the blockchain is more secure and reliable, and it is not easy to tamper with data, fraud, etc., so that they remain at a single point. (UKBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

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Amber Ybarra, #1 Success Architect in the Nation under 40 is Helping Women Break Through their Glass Ceiling of Success.

San Antonio, Texas, United States, 20th Aug 2022,  When former pro curves model turned woman in construction and CEO of Cityline Fence Co., found herself going through a business divorce, she knew that moment was more than a learning lesson.  Amber Ybarra, #1 Success Architect in the nation under 40, is on a mission to help other leading CEO’s break through their own ceiling of success. 

Ybarra states, “Firstly, we need to remember that success is relative, therefore the most important part of creating this in our life and business, is to first define it for ourselves.” 

Breaking through not one, but two male dominated industries, Ybarra is dedicated to building this next generation of leaders. According to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), women account for less than 10 percent of the total number of people in the construction field, and that includes those who work jobs behind the desk.  Although the ceiling has yet to be broken for this industry, when we focus on building up other women and help them to step into their own leadership roles, we can truly make history.  To do this, those who are currently in executive positions, need to share more of their knowledge, stories, wins and lessons

“Lastly and most importantly, it’s our duty to paint true pictures of what success looks like and understand that the level in which we define success at today, will be different in the next one or five years of our life.  As we evolve and develop ourselves as people, parents, friends, daughters, leaders… so will the vision for the future of our life.”

As an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and success architect Ybarra invites you to join in on the conversation and build up your community on the local and global scale.  “With as many people as we can impact online, now is the time to build community, uplift those communities and impact on a global scale.”

You can find more of Amber’s work as an entrepreneur, author, speaker and success coach on Digital Journal, Wall Street Journal, Voyage Dallas, NY Weekly, Fox news and more, or follow amber @amberybarra and

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HKMA recognises Arcartera’s work on Digital Blockchain Assets

Hong Kong, Kowloon, China, 20th Aug 2022, Arcartera Limited, a Hong Kong based Developer of Blockchain Infrastructure, has received an official Letter of Appreciation from the country’s Monetary Authority. 

Governments around the world are aware of the rapidly changing financial environment brought to us by Crypto Currencies. Keeping this objective in the spotlight, they have been putting in a mixed effort to influence the use of those digital assets.

Though a major concern has risen over the regulation of block-chain products, Arcartera Limited has chosen to embrace officially endorsed government works, in contrast to many decentralised tokens such as Bitcoin.

The team had been developing Web3 Infrastructure for many years, with a special focus on stable-coins. These are tokens that are usually pegged across a fiat, or physical currency, which act as the means of moving in and out of trading cryptocurrencies.

Involving governments in improvising and creating their own stablecoins would provide them a source for practicing conditional cash transfer programs under profitable conditions. Realizing such potential benefits of inducing digital currencies within the current system, Arcartera Limited has been putting in some great efforts.

As an answer to these efforts, Arcartera received an official Letter of Appreciation from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) on the 19th of July 2022. This letter was based as an appreciation for the consultation and feedback provided on the e-HKD token, a project where the HKMA plans to set up their digital currency, which would act as a stablecoin. The e-HKD token would be developed across the blockchain technology, and it would significantly act as the electronic Hong Kong dollar for the citizens of the Hong Kong S.A.R..

As HKMA has been working on creating this digital innovation, they issued a discussion paper earlier this year, which was taken as the basis of the feedback by Arcartera Limited. The letter was sent as an appreciation reply for such an in-depth overview aligning with the current conditions. Talking about the feedback provided by Arcartera Limited, it also constituted a complete technical proposal that outlined the outlook of the digital innovation along with the risks that would be associated with its creation and utility.

Arcartera’s founders have put in their role in building blockchain technology and assorted infrastructure for many years. Getting an official letter from such a renowned government organization is a great endorsement of their work and efforts in the industry.

The team is looking forward to the HKMA’s official report on the project that is to be published in the later months of 2022, which would enable them to provide further cooperation toward positive development. We welcome you to visit and for more details.

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Audit Trail, its purpose and its snags

Kingston, United Kingdom, 20th Aug 2022, King NewsWire, The QuickBooks Audit Trail helps keep a track of and manage all reports that have been deleted, edited, modified, or have been newly added. 

The Audit trail is also beneficial in tracking lost transactions that may be responsible for inconsistencies in opening balances and bank reconciliations. Previous account names that may have been merged with new accounts, tracking user login times, identifying incorrectly entered transactions and keeps an account of who is accessing books, as well as the tasks that are being performed are all possible with the Audit trail. Needless to say, this is a great tool in protecting against fraud as it shows the imprints of individuals who have made changes in the accounting software.

With all this functionality, it goes without saying that this audit trail can get quite large and start to bog down the performance of QuickBooks. As the number of transactions increase in a data file, the audit trail grows by a factor of 2 and this brings about a large QuickBooks file. A large file will slow down the system because of numerous closed and unused transactions and builds unused list elements over time.

The QuickBooks Audit Trail Removal Service – offered by E-Tech- is a service to remove the audit trail from a QuickBooks data file and reduce its size by as much as 30 to 50 percent. This service will also delete entries in the Voided, Deleted Transactions Summary and Detail reports.

Learn more at

About E-Tech

E-Tech is the leading service provider of QuickBooks File Repair, Data Recovery, QuickBooks Conversion and QuickBooks SDK programming in the UK and Ireland. In our 20 years plus of experience with Intuit QuickBooks, we have assisted over a 1000 satisfied customers with their requirements.

We offer a range of services for existing QuickBooks users and provide comprehensive solutions for small businesses. Additionally, our expertise covers the US, UK, Canadian, Australian (Reckon Accounts), and New Zealand versions of QuickBooks (PC and Mac platforms).

For media inquiries regarding E-Tech, individuals are encouraged to contact Media Relations Director, Melanie Ann via email at 


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