Indonesia’s $6B Luxury Watch Market: Redefines Buying and Selling of These Coveted Collectibles

The luxury watch market in Indonesia is massive, with more than US$6-10B worth of watches in circulation in the country and more than US$600M worth of watches exchanged every year. Flecto, the leading Indonesian luxury watch online marketplace, is revolutionizing the way discerning buyers access premium watches. With an extensive collection of over 1,800 watches, Flecto proudly boasts the largest selection of luxury watches available for sale in Indonesia. By addressing the growing demand for transparency and authenticity in the pre-owned luxury watch market, Flecto provides a trusted platform for buyers to indulge in their passion with confidence.

Indonesia, 6th Jun 2023 – The luxury watch market in Indonesia is massive, with more than US$6-10B worth of watches in circulation in the country and more than US$600M worth of watches exchanged every year. Flecto, the leading Indonesian luxury watch online marketplace, is revolutionizing the way discerning buyers access premium watches. With an extensive collection of over 1,800 watches, Flecto proudly boasts the largest selection of luxury watches available for sale in Indonesia. By addressing the growing demand for transparency and authenticity in the pre-owned luxury watch market, Flecto provides a trusted platform for buyers to indulge in their passion with confidence.

Recently, the value of luxury watches in Asia has skyrocketed and has outperformed stocks and crypto gains. For example, Rolex Submariner, the iconic watch that is well-known among watch enthusiasts, experienced a price increase of more than 50% above its official retail price in 2020 and 2021. This increase in demand is driven due to the availability of online literature about horology and also from investors looking to purchase watches as an investment asset with clear utility.

“We are thrilled to introduce Flecto as the premier luxury watch online marketplace in Indonesia,” said Gary Lilardi, CEO and Co-Founder of Flecto. “Our goal is to provide discerning buyers with a curated selection of premium timepieces, supported by transparency, authenticity, and a seamless shopping experience. We believe that Flecto will redefine the way luxury timepieces are bought and sold in Indonesia.”

One of the key differentiators of Flecto is its dedication to providing authentic luxury timepieces. Recognizing the importance of trust and confidence when purchasing pre-owned luxury watches, Flecto offers authentication services by its in-house team of Flecto Watch Specialists. This authentication process guarantees that each watch is genuine, relieving buyers of any concerns about authenticity.

The company offers secure escrow payment, insured shipping, and a transparent return policy. By prioritizing transparency, trust, and authenticity, Flecto establishes itself as a trusted partner for luxury watch enthusiasts across Indonesia.

Flecto’s online marketplace boasts a range of curated selection of luxury watches from verified merchants. Authorized merchants and collectors can now showcase their inventory online and expand their reach to a wide group of luxury watch buyers and enthusiasts. Flecto is committed to creating a dynamic marketplace that fosters collaboration and supports the growth of the luxury watch industry in Indonesia for both buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, to ensure the availability of brand new watches from trusted sources, Flecto has established partnerships with official brand authorized dealers. This strategic collaboration enables Flecto to offer a wide selection of brand new luxury watches, straight from authorized channels. By combining pre-owned and brand new watches, Flecto offers customers a comprehensive range of choices, catering to every preference and budget.

“When merchants join Flecto, they will have access to a unique set of features that is available only to Flecto merchants”. Remarked Nikolas Tjhin, COO and Co-Founder of Flecto. “Merchants are able to reach a wider audience, manage their watch inventory, and get access to financial service products such as working-capital loans”.

The value of luxury watches in circulation in Indonesia is estimated to be US$6-10B, which represents a large opportunity for Flecto to provide commerce and lending services on luxury watches as a commodity.

Flecto is slated to become the go-to destination for luxury watch enthusiasts in Indonesia, setting new industry standards for selection, transparency, and customer satisfaction. To date, the company has booked GMV of more than US$500,000, and watch inventory value of over US$8M from 30+ merchants on its platform. Visit the website today to explore the unrivaled collection of luxury watches and experience the future of luxury watch shopping.

About Flecto:

Flecto is Indonesia’s leading luxury watch online marketplace, dedicated to connecting discerning buyers with a curated collection of premium timepieces. With a commitment to transparency, authenticity, and exceptional customer experience, Flecto offers the largest selection of luxury watches available for sale in Indonesia.

For Media Inquiries, please contact:

Nikolas Tjhin
COO & Co-Founder
[email protected]

Press Kit:

Media Contact

Organization: Flecto

Contact Person: Nikolas Tjhin


Email: [email protected]

Country: Indonesia


Release Id: 0606233972

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New York Custom Vehicle Magnetic Signs For Realtors: Design Service Launched

Big Daddy’s Signs continues to grow its signage inventory, with the latest move being geared specifically toward realtors and agencies. Using the new vehicle magnets, real estate companies can advertise their services on a wider scale, utilizing the potential of high-traffic roads, streets, and highways across New York as prime marketing spaces.

For more information see

All products in Big Daddy’s Signs’ expansive selection can be customized with the print shop’s design service. As such, the order process for its new vehicle magnets allows New York realtors to choose from a range of colors, fonts, and effects to bolster the display of their agency’s logos and photos.

By combining high-resolution image quality with branding and contact details, real estate agencies can significantly boost public interest in their business. Simply getting company names out in a tangible form improves the likelihood that motorists and pedestrians will take notice, says Big Daddy’s Signs.

“Full-color magnets for your business can receive hundreds of views per day,” notes a Big Daddy’s Signs representative. “Transform your car, truck, or van into a business vehicle to gain exposure and advertising benefits.”

Its magnetized signs easily attach to vehicle doors, essentially converting automobiles into mobile advertising boards. Owing to their cost-effectiveness, Big Daddy’s Signs describes them as affordable marketing aids that can be tailored to the dimensions of cars or trucks.

Durability is an important quality sought out by signage customers, especially given New York’s harsh winter conditions. Advertising needs to be effective year-round, which is why Big Daddy’s Signs has designed its vehicle magnets with weatherproof materials. Backed by premium-grade manufacturing, the products are made to remain in place through wind and rain alike.

Full quotes for Big Daddy’s Signs’ vehicle magnets and its wider array of signage options are available via its official website. The printer offers nationwide shipping.

One prior customer remarked: “Exactly what we were looking for; between the order date and delivery date it was less than a week. The signs were perfect.”

Interested parties throughout the state of New York can find additional details about Big Daddy’s Signs and its vehicle magnets at

Big Daddy’s Signs

24 Lexington Drive

United States

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Press Release Guide: New CEO Announcement Template, Sample & Format

This most recent how-to guide from PressReleaseZen contains detailed steps and instructions, designed to be used by people who want to announce a change in leadership and create buzz and traffic for their company, quickly and with as little stress as possible.

Media professionals, SEO and content marketers, and other interested parties can download the full how-to guide from the website.

Get the guide here:

The number one press release advice site, Press Release Zen, has published this new how-to guide to help media professionals, as well as SEO and content marketers create an announcement about new leadership with ease as all the key information needed is covered in the template and samples. The inspiration for creating this guide came from a desire to provide useful, actionable information to anybody facing the challenge of not knowing where to start when crafting a new announcement.

The full how-to guide goes over the following points:

– Overview of key details needed in a press release such as work history of the new CEO, photo, and a quote

– Three detailed examples of a press release announcing a new CEO Template of a Press Release

– A detailed outline and structure on how to write a press release for a new CEO with all details that are required

Chris Munch, CEO of Press Release Zen spoke at length about the guide, excited to share the details, the reasons behind creating a guide on How to Write a New CEO Press Release Announcement, and what Press Release Zen hopes to accomplish with it: “It’s important to know how to craft a press release in the correct way so that it not only will bring attention to the brand, but also so it can be found by search engines and will get accepted by more sites by following the strict content rules for press releases.”

Media professionals, SEO and content marketers, and anybody interested in How to Write a New CEO Press Release Announcement or facing the challenge of not knowing where to start when crafting a new announcement are invited to review the how-to guide online directly:

More information about Press Release Zen itself can be found at

Press Release Zen

15 Harwood Road
United Kingdom

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EcoGen America Offers Exceptional Solar and Roofing Solutions

EcoGen America, a top-rated solar energy company, offers a hassle-free way for households and businesses to switch to solar and save big on electricity bills. With estimated savings of over 25,000 dollars for households, going solar has never been easier. The company boasts of industry-leading solar power energy, fast and efficient service delivery, and access to top-rated installers in the region. As a reliable and committed solar energy provider, EcoGen America is dedicated to bringing the benefits of solar power to households and businesses across the country by utilizing the latest solar innovations.

In addition to strategically pushing for solar energy uptake to enable property owners to enjoy lower energy bills, EcoGen America‘s team aims to expand clean energy efforts and safeguard clients against the steadily rising electric rate.

Speaking on their solar installation process, a happy client said, “Thanks for making it so easy to get solar panels. The process was fast and easier than I ever thought.”

For clients seeking solar installation, the locally owned company has attached a solar savings calculator on its website to help users interested in solar energy see the amount of savings they can make before the investment. Property owners can visit the Learning Center section for more about EcoGen America.

In addition to its solar energy services, EcoGen America also offers full-service residential roofing services. With a team of fully licensed roofers, the company has been providing affordable and transparent roofing installations, replacements, and repairs for the last 15 years.

One of the most popular roofing options for homeowners served by EcoGen America is Asphalt Shingles roofing, which is highly affordable and durable. The company’s expert roofers leverage their vast industry knowledge to complete the roofing project within just a few days. EcoGen America understands that each property is unique and requires tailored roofing solutions. As such, they offer professional recommendations based on the property type, location, and the client’s budget. This ensures that customers receive a roofing solution that not only meets their specific needs but is also cost-effective and long-lasting.

Since its inception in 2016, EcoGen America has installed solar panels in numerous homes and commercial buildings by first conducting a comprehensive assessment of the roof type and available space, including properties in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The premier solar installation company has solar contractors spread across the state to escalate PV solar system installation among residential and commercial properties. Some of the areas covered include Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Camden County, Paterson, Elizabeth, Hamilton Township, and Gloucester County. With solar installation, property owners also enjoy increased property value, which means high returns on investment. Clients can also rely on the company to provide regular updates on local solar resources, cost-saving rebates, and valuable tips.

The solar experts at EcoGen America can be contacted at (888) 294-5764. The company is at 591 Mantua Blvd #210, Sewell, NJ, 08080.

Media Contact

Company Name
EcoGen America
Contact Name
Stephen Kelly
(888) 294-5764
591 Mantua Blvd #210
Postal Code
United States

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Reliable Emergency Dentist in Festus, MO: Experience Williamson Dental’s Excellence

Festus, MO – Dental emergencies can occur unexpectedly, causing individuals severe pain, discomfort, and anxiety. Whether it’s a sharp toothache that seems to have no end, a broken tooth from a sports injury, or a missing filling that’s causing sensitivity, dental emergencies demand immediate attention to alleviate the distress and prevent further complications. In Festus, Missouri, residents can find solace in Williamson Dental, a reliable and conveniently located dentist on the city’s East side, offering exceptional emergency dental care.

Williamson Dental of Festus is well-equipped to handle dental emergencies with efficiency and precision. The clinic offers a comprehensive range of restorative treatments that are essential in addressing dental emergencies promptly and effectively. Its team of highly skilled dentists specializes in various procedures, including fillings, crowns, sealants, and root canals, which are vital in repairing and restoring damaged teeth. With state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques, the team ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care, allowing them to regain functionality and confidence in their teeth.

While Williamson Dental is renowned for its expertise in restorative dentistry, the clinic also excels in cosmetic dentistry, helping patients achieve beautiful and radiant smiles. The clinic’s dentist has experience in a wide range of cosmetic procedures that can enhance the appearance of teeth and boost patients’ self-confidence. These procedures include take-home teeth whitening, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers. The dentists take a personalized approach to every treatment procedure, ensuring that each patient’s unique needs and goals are met.

Patient comfort is a top priority at Williamson Dental, and it strives to ensure a relaxing and stress-free experience for every patient. The clinic’s team of dentists employs minimally-invasive treatments to minimize pain and expedite recovery time. For patients who experience anxiety or fear associated with dental treatments, the clinic offers sedation options that help eliminate pain and enhance patient relaxation. This commitment to patient well-being ensures that individuals seeking emergency care at the clinic receive effective treatments and a comfortable and stress-free experience.

To ensure prompt and efficient care, the dental clinic Festus MO takes pride in offering same-day emergency appointments. Patients are also encouraged to call the clinic to inform its dental team of the emergency, allowing them time to prepare for the visit and ensure all necessary arrangements are in place. However, the clinic also understands that emergencies can happen unexpectedly, which is why walk-in emergency appointments are gladly accepted. Regardless of whether an appointment is scheduled or not, the dentists at Williamson Dental prioritize emergency cases, striving to treat patients promptly and alleviate their pain or discomfort.

Williamson Dental is located at 606 S Truman Blvd, Festus, MO, 63028, US. To schedule a consultation, contact their team at (636) 937-3870. For more information regarding the services offered, visit the clinic’s website.

Media Contact

Company Name
Williamson Dental
Contact Name
Dr. Nathan Williamson
(636) 937-3870
606 S Truman Blvd
Postal Code
United States

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United Water & Air: Vancouver, WA’s Trusted Plumbers for Advanced Heating and Cooling Solutions

Vancouver, WA – United Water & Air is a trusted HVAC contractor in Vancouver, WA, committed to providing top-notch heating and cooling solutions for their clients. They understand that a home’s internal temperature greatly influences the comfort and health of its occupants. That’s why they offer advanced products that provide high performance and a range of services available 24/7, including installing, repairing, and replacing air conditioners, ductless heat pumps, heat pumps, gas furnaces, and water heaters.

As the spring weather transitions to summer heat, air conditioning becomes vital for any family’s comfort. United Water & Air carries energy-efficient models that can reduce utility costs and provide relief from the sweltering summer heat. The company stocks air conditioners with varying SEER ratings so that homeowners can choose a model that fits their needs. In addition, their expertise will ensure they accurately size a unit for optimal cooling power.

One of the biggest benefits of a ductless heating and cooling system is its versatility. This advanced product can cool or heat any room with the touch of a button, making it the perfect solution for households without existing ductwork. Not only are ductless heat pumps energy-efficient, but they also generate less noise than traditional systems, providing a quieter home environment. In addition to installing ductless systems,, the Vancouver HVAC contractor offers scheduled equipment servicing and maintenance to ensure optimal system performance and longevity.

“Keeping a home cool in the summer, warm and cozy in the winter is essential for a family’s health. United Water & Air has the expertise to help families protect their comfort and well-being with advanced heating and cooling systems.” Said the company representative.

The efficiency of gas furnaces ranges from 80% to 99%, making them efficient heating homes. United Water & Air provides quality gas furnaces, thus ensuring that homeowners receive top-notch service and performance. The Vancouver plumber can also perform tune-ups to ensure the furnaces operate at peak efficiency. The company offers top brands, including Lennox, Goodman, and Bosch, guaranteeing safe and reliable heating solutions.

The HVAC contractor not only provides exceptional heating and cooling solutions but also offers reverse osmosis treatments to ensure the quality of water in homes. The company understands the significant impact that water quality has on everyday activities like cooking. With its reverse osmosis systems, the company guarantees the removal of impurities, hazardous chemicals, and volatile organic compounds from water, making it safe for consumption. Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that United Water & Air exclusively offers lab-tested, top-grade reverse osmosis systems, ensuring that the water they use is clean and free from contaminants.

United Water & Air is located at 6000 NE 88th St Bldg B Ste. 100, Vancouver, WA, 98665, US. Contact the HVAC contractor at 360-852-7998 or visit their website to learn more about their services.

Media Contact

Company Name
United Water & Air
Contact Name
Aaron Putnam
6000 NE 88th St Bldg B Ste. 100
Postal Code
United States

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Empowering the Future of Rural Healthcare Through Dr. Julian Mitton Scholarship for Healthcare Students

Julian Mitton MD

Julian Mitton MD Provides Scholarship Funding To Improve Rural Healthcare

San Francisco, California Jun 6, 2023 ( – Julian Mitton MD, a renowned healthcare leader and consultant, is pleased to announce the establishment of the Dr. Julian Mitton Scholarship for Healthcare Students. This scholarship aims to support and inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to improve healthcare delivery and access in rural communities across the United States.

As a committed advocate for healthcare excellence, Julian Mitton MD understands the unique challenges faced by rural healthcare systems. With limited resources and geographical barriers, rural communities often experience difficulties in providing quality care to their residents. The Dr. Julian Mitton Scholarship seeks to foster creative thinking and encourage aspiring healthcare professionals to propose groundbreaking ideas that can positively impact patient outcomes in these underserved areas.

To apply for the scholarship, students must be currently enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a degree in a healthcare-related field at a university in the United States. High school students planning to pursue a healthcare-related degree program at a university are also eligible to apply. The scholarship will be awarded based on an essay competition, where applicants must submit a creative essay of under 1000 words answering the following question:

“Rural healthcare in the United States faces unique challenges that can impact patient outcomes. What innovative solutions do you propose to improve healthcare delivery and access in rural communities?”

The Dr. Julian Mitton Scholarship for Healthcare Students will provide a one-time award of $1,000 to the selected recipient, assisting them in their educational journey and enabling them to make a meaningful difference in rural healthcare.

Julian Mitton MD, the driving force behind this scholarship, has an impressive background in healthcare leadership, research and consulting. Raised in a family of healthcare professionals, his passion for the field was ignited at a young age. Julian earned his Master’s degree in Public Health from the esteemed Harvard University School of Public Health. He began his career as a primary care provider and health educator at a community health center, where he focused on educating patients on preventive care and managing chronic diseases.

Driven by his desire to enhance healthcare organizations’ performance and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, Julian transitioned into healthcare leadership and consulting. He has worked with several leading healthcare organizations. Julian Mitton MD‘s work has focused on helping healthcare organizations achieve excellence in their operations and provide optimal care to their patients. His expertise has led him to be recognized as a thought leader in the healthcare industry, and he has published numerous articles and white papers on healthcare operations, health equity and healthcare and consulting.

“The Dr. Julian Mitton Scholarship for Healthcare Students is a testament to my belief in the power of innovation to revolutionize rural healthcare,” said Dr. Julian Mitton. “I am excited to support the brightest minds in the healthcare field and to witness the groundbreaking solutions they will propose to improve healthcare delivery and access in rural communities.”

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is October 15, 2023. All interested students are encouraged to visit the official scholarship website at [] to learn more about the eligibility criteria and application process.

The winner of the Dr. Julian Mitton Scholarship for Healthcare Students will be announced on November 15, 2023. This individual will not only receive financial support but also gain recognition for their innovative ideas, contributing to the advancement of rural healthcare.

About Julian Mitton:

Julian Mitton MD is a healthcare leader and researcher with extensive experience in healthcare management and consulting. He obtained his Master’s degree in Public Health from the Harvard University School of Public Health. Julian has worked in various roles, including health educator and consulting. He is widely regarded as a thought leader in the healthcare industry and has published numerous articles and white papers on healthcare leadership, health equity, population health and consulting.

For more information about the Dr. Julian Mitton Scholarship for Healthcare Students, please visit

Contact Info:

Spokesperson: Julian Mitton, MD

Organization: Dr. Julian Mitton Scholarship


Email: [email protected]

Media Contact

Dr. Julian Mitton Scholarship


Source :Dr Julian Mitton Scholarship

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Optimizing Heart & Brain Health: APOE Gene Power for Healthy Heart & Sharp Mind

The Influential APOE Gene: Heart Health, Brain Function, and Alzheimer’s

Unraveling the APOE gene’s power guides informed health choices. APOE’s significance in heart health, cognitive function, and Alzheimer’s risk aids in devising personalized prevention strategies and early detection measures. Genetic testing empowers individuals to manage their health proactively.

Let’s delve into the APOE gene’s science and its variants, exploring their implications on heart health, brain function, and Alzheimer’s. Uncovering this gene’s role in cholesterol metabolism and cardiovascular disease risk illuminates the path towards a healthier future.

The APOE Gene and its Variants

Located on chromosome 19, the APOE gene is key in apolipoprotein E production, which is integral to lipid transport and metabolism. Understanding APOE’s role in maintaining a healthy cholesterol balance in the bloodstream can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

APOE E2/E3/E4 Variants and Their Implications

The three primary APOE variants – 2, 3, and 4, produce six possible genotypes. Each genotype’s influence varies on cholesterol metabolism and cardiovascular disease risk. Recognizing these variants allows individuals to take proactive steps in maintaining heart health.

APOE Gene: Heart Health and Cholesterol Management

APOE’s role in cholesterol metabolism links it closely with heart health. Various APOE variants influence cholesterol levels differently, urging individuals to be aware of their genotype. Lifestyle adaptations based on APOE variants allow individuals to take a proactive approach in heart health protection.

APOE Gene’s Impact on Cognitive Function

APOE also significantly influences cognitive function and Alzheimer’s disease risk. While certain APOE variants may increase Alzheimer’s risk, lifestyle interventions can help maintain brain health. However, it’s essential to remember that APOE variants do not solely determine Alzheimer’s risk; genetic testing and consultation with a healthcare provider can provide more comprehensive insights.

Early Identification and Tailored Prevention: Harnessing APOE Gene Knowledge for Health

Unleashing the Power of APOE Gene Detection

Harnessing the potential of early detection and personalized prevention is key in mitigating health risks associated with genetic variants, like the APOE gene. Through genetic testing, the identification of APOE variants can facilitate informed, personalized health management plans.

Customized Preventive Strategies for Heart and Brain Health

Those carrying the APOE4 variant might face a heightened risk of developing cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases. Frequent health check-ups and monitoring of cholesterol levels and blood pressure can mitigate heart disease risks. For Alzheimer’s susceptibility, proactive lifestyle alterations such as consistent physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, and a nutritious diet can help prevent cognitive deterioration.

Personalized Lifestyle Plans: The APOE Gene Advantage

Tailored preventive strategies can extend beyond general health management to include specific recommendations based on individual genetic profiles. These could involve dietary adjustments, lifestyle modifications, and possibly, the inclusion of certain supplements or medications. Genetic counseling is instrumental in creating these personalized health strategies that reflect an individual’s distinct genetic composition.

Crafting a Healthier Life: Actionable Tactics for Heart Health, Brain Function, and Alzheimer’s Prevention

Maintaining optimal heart health and brain function is vital for overall well-being and longevity. While genetics influence the risks of cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases, lifestyle changes can counter these risks effectively. This section offers some practical strategies to boost heart health and brain function, and reduce Alzheimer’s susceptibility.

A. Lifestyle Refinement for a Healthy Heart and Brain

A balanced diet, filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, is an impactful lifestyle intervention for optimal heart and brain health. Regular physical activity, aiming for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days, is also essential.

B. Nutrition Guidance Tailored to APOE Variants

APOE4 variant carriers can potentially benefit from a Mediterranean-style diet, proven to decrease Alzheimer’s risk in such individuals. For APOE2 variant carriers, a low-fat diet can be more advantageous, helping to lower LDL cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular health.

C. Exercise and Stress Management: Tools for APOE4 Carriers

Regular exercise that combines aerobic and resistance training can boost cognitive function in APOE4 carriers. Stress management techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and yoga can also be beneficial, given the established link between chronic stress and increased Alzheimer’s risk.

Understanding APOE genetic variants can help tailor lifestyle choices for optimal health. By adhering to a healthy diet, maintaining regular physical activity, and managing stress levels, individuals can significantly lower their cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s risks.

Deciphering the APOE Gene: A Health Game changer

The APOE gene is a vital player in heart health and brain function, with its different variants influencing an individual’s susceptibility to cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases, as well as cognitive function. However, with proactive health management grounded in early detection and personalized prevention, it’s possible to offset these risks and promote improved health outcomes.

Reliable DNA health testing can offer valuable insights into individual genetic profiles and potential health risks, facilitating informed decisions and preventive steps against disease. The interplay between genetics, lifestyle choices, and health outcomes might be intricate, but through informed, proactive approaches, individuals can control their health and inspire positive changes for future generations.

Get access to the full article

The Next Step

Understanding an APOE gene variant equips individuals to manage heart disease and Alzheimer’s risks proactively. Genetic testing and professional consultations offer avenues to take control of health destinies.

DNALife’s DNAHealth and DNA Mind tests provide invaluable insights into unique genetic codes.

DNAHealth deciphers lipid metabolism, inflammation, methylation, and oxidative stress, highlighting specific APOE gene variations. These insights enable strategic lifestyle adjustments to counteract potential genetic risks.

DNAMind explores mental health disorders, cognitive function, and neurological diseases, helping recognize individuals prone to cognitive-related conditions. Tailored preventive strategies and treatments can be created, aligning with the individual’s unique genetic profile.

Together, DNAHealth and DNA Mind yield a comprehensive understanding of genetic profiles, empowering individuals to modify their lifestyle, diet, and mental health strategies according to their genetic predispositions.

DNA Life certified practitioners guide through the process of these genetic tests, providing tailored insights and recommendations and the first step towards unlocking the potential of personalised genetics.

Equilibrium Health
[email protected]

Equilibrium Health
Cheltenham Film + Photographic Studios, Arle Court, Hatherley Lane,
United Kingdom

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Ban Needed to Protect Vulnerable Students from Skin-Electroshock Torture

For over a decade, the alleged use of torture on special needs residents, both children and adults, through a skin-electroshock device at a residential school in Massachusetts has faced intense controversy. The utilization of this device has sparked outrage among disability and human rights groups, demanding its immediate ban In January this year, New York proposed a bill that seeks to prevent government agencies from sending individuals with disabilities out-of-state to receive “adverse conditioning”–a practice that is banned in New York.[1] Mental health industry watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights International says the proposed law is a crucial step toward safeguarding vulnerable students from harmful and outdated practices, but the time has come to unequivocally ban the use of skin and other forms of electroshock devices.

The proposed legislation, “Andre’s Law,” is named in honor of Andre McCollins who, as a teenager, endured 31 electric shocks over a seven-hour period in 2002. It holds immense significance as it aims to protect future individuals from experiencing similar ordeals.[2] It explicitly states, “No program, agency, or facility that is funded, operated, licensed, or approved by the state or an agency or political subdivision of the state shall administer or cause to be administered to a vulnerable person any procedure which uses aversive conditioning.”[3]

On May 12, 2023, Cheryl McCollins, Andre’s mother, expressed her frustration during a press conference on the bill at the New York State Capitol stating, “It isn’t fair that the [school] gets a pass to torture our children with special needs. How is this going on for so many years?”[4] Her heartfelt words resonate with concerned citizens across the nation.

Records reveal that city agencies, including the New York City Administration for Children’s Services and the Department of Education, have paid at least $7.6 million this year to the Massachusetts school for child welfare services.[5] Approximately 90% of the students are residents of New York City, as reported by ProPublica.[6]

The bill is still in committee but some lawmakers are hopeful it will be passed this session.[7] Assemblyman Harvey Epstein, the bill’s sponsor, emphasized the urgency of change, stating, “The problem is our tax dollars are going to places like [this] to ensure that people get shocked, people get injured, people get harmed. All we’re saying is New York state needs to stop. We need to change course. We need to acknowledge that this type of shocking, this type of conditioning, is pain.”[8]

Further, in January this year, the U.S. Congress passed a bill that gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the authority to ban skin shock devices. This followed the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit overturning the FDA’s ban on the devices in 2021, claiming the agency did not have such authority.[9] Yet the FDA has not exercised its authority to ban the skin shock device still being used to abuse children and the disabled. CCHR is calling on the FDA to use its authority to ban this brutal practice once and for all.

CCHR is among more than 100 advocacy groups that have supported the ban on electrical stimulation devices.[10] CCHR went a step further by sending a complaint letter to all Massachusetts legislators urgently imploring them to prohibit behavioral electroshocking immediately, even prior to the new federal law giving the FDA the means to ban it. CCHR believes that the FDA’s pace in addressing such issues is insufficient and that immediate measures are necessary.

The use of these skin-electroshock devices has also drawn international attention, with UN Special Rapporteurs on Torture sending urgent appeals to the U.S. government in 2010 and 2013. These appeals called for an investigation into the shock devices and the alleged mistreatment of students subjected to electric shocks, emphasizing violations under the UN Convention against Torture and other international standards.[11] In 2013, Juan E. Mendez, the former special rapporteur on torture for the United Nations stated that the practices are “tantamount to torture.” Mendez’s report emphasized the need for federal-level protections to eradicate such aversive use in the United States.[12]

While the introduction of the New York bill to block sending students to the school in Massachusetts, and the passing of the federal bill granting the FDA authority to ban electrical stimulation devices are both very positive developments, CCHR says further measures are essential to ensure the prevention of such practices immediately and in the future. Implementation of the ban is crucial, alongside the establishment of robust accountability regulations with criminal penalties for any violations.

[1] Zach Williams, “Albany bill wants to ban disabled people from being sent out of state for shock therapy banned in NY,” New York Post, 15 May 2023,


[3] New York State Assembly Bill No. A1166,



[6] Eric M. Garcia, “Will shock treatment finally be banned?” Boston Globe, 30 Jan 2023,

[7] Elise Kline, “Legislation to ban aversion therapy,” WENY News, 15 May 2023,



[10] Michelle Diament, “Advocates Call On FDA To Reissue Ban On Shock Devices For Those With Disabilities,” Disability Scoop, 23 May 2023,

[11] Katie Hinman and Kimberly Brown, “UN Calls Shock Treatment at Mass. School ‘Torture,’” ABC News, 29 June 2010,


Citizens Commission on Human Rights International
[email protected]
6616 Sunset Boulevard

United States

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ftNFT Welcomes the Summer Season in Dubai with Big NFT Art Exhibitions

ftNFT Welcomes the Summer Season in Dubai with Big Art Exhibitions

Dubai, UAE, June 2023 – ftNFT, the trending NFT phygital space, is excited to announce the arrival of the summer season in Dubai with hosting phygital art exhibitions. These exhibitions feature renowned artists from all over the world. To name a few ftNFT is hosting UAE-based Belgium artist, the Italian artist Salvaem inspired by his global travels, the Japanese VR star, internationally renowned VR artist Aimi Sekiguchi, and the trade mark international artist VESA., the idealistic artist known for her innovative techniques and diverse artistic styles,’s immersive art installations combine painting, sculpture, photography, performance, digital art, light art, and technology. Her works are exhibited across the globe, captivating audiences with their depth, emotion, and magnetism.’s previous exhibitions have been featured in prestigious venues such as the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi and the Sea of Culture Foundation Sharjah. The ftNFT &’s collaboration starts with an exhibition at the Dubai Mall in May 2023, followed by a highly anticipated exhibition at the Mall of the Emirates, starting on June 3rd. These exhibitions will showcase’s unparalleled talent in creating art depth and emotion.

Italian artist Salvaem has partnered with ftNFT to showcase his unique Yeshua’s collection, which draws inspiration from his global travels and vibrant street art. The collaboration is featured at the ftNFT phygital space in Dubai Mall’s Chinatown, with a grand opening ceremony scheduled for May 28, 2023. Through the ftNFT platform, attendees can engage with NFTs and experience the captivating artworks first-hand, celebrating the fusion of traditional artistry and digital innovation.

Aimi Sekiguchi, the internationally renowned Japanese artist in Virtual Reality (VR), unveiled her latest artistic creations and cultural explorations on May 26 at the ftNFT Phygital Space in Dubai Mall. Sekiguchi’s solo exhibition will immerse visitors in a unique phygital experience, allowing them to interact with art in a new and captivating way. With her innovative use of VR technology, Sekiguchi pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and invites viewers to question the possibilities of merging physical and digital realms.

VESA, an award-winning digital art pioneer, is collaborating with ftNFT and AKNEYE to showcase the innovative fusion of physical and digital art through the AKNEYE sculpture. This collaboration represents a milestone for both VESA and ftNFT, highlighting the transformative impact of NFTs on the art world. The partnership aims to redefine how art is experienced and appreciated, establishing ftNFT as a leading force in the NFT industry and providing art enthusiasts with a unique environment to explore.

ftNFT continues to stand out in how art is experienced and shared by cutting-edge technologies and community engagement. The art exhibitions in Dubai demonstrate ftNFT’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and providing artists and art enthusiasts a platform to explore new borders.

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