HubinNetwork to launch its game – Hubinio to revolutionize the P2E gaming industry


Kaunas, Lithuania, 5th Dec 2022 – Since almost ten years ago, the global gaming market has been expanding steadily, with the entire industry now worth $135 billion. As this business has evolved, new profitable intersections have emerged. Play2Earn is the name of one of these intersections, where blockchain technology and gaming meet. The rising popularity of NFTs is one factor that has gained enormous popularity within the cryptocurrency community and that has led to an increase in P2E. 

The popularity of P2E games has significantly increased thanks to HubinNetwork and the broader surge of popular culture that NFTs have experienced. HubinNetwork is a game creation business which incorporates NFTs’ features into its games. Players of various ages find the games it makes to be intriguing and thrilling. 

HubinNetwork is getting ready to release the Hubinio game, which can change the gaming industry and give Crypto communities a pleasant and exciting experience. The game is backed by the DTC group which is a web3 incubator.. Hubinio is comparable to and brings back fond memories. The PinkSale Fairlaunch will be held from  3rd December 2022 to 8th December 2022. 

HubinNetwork can transform the gaming industry and offer a fun and engaging experience for Crypto communities and gamers all over the world thanks to its ecosystem’s first beneficial utilities like P2E, NFTs and Staking. At their core, HubinNetwork’s games not only let you have fun, but they also let you actively earn prizes like cryptos or NFTs, which has caused communities to swarm to the site.

Hubinio – P2E Game incorporating NFTs

Hubinio is the initial HubinNetwork ecosystem Play2Earn product. It is an online multiplayer action game similar to the classic It employs HubinNetwork’s native Token $HBN and is a real-time strategy game set in a distinctive ecosystem. People will be able to purchase NFTs and use them as skins to change the appearance of their cells, as well as play the lottery for a chance to win prizes.

The game Hubinio puts a strong emphasis on fostering social connection. Players have control over one or more spherical cells on a map that looks like a Petri dish. The objective is to consume as much agar and cells that are smaller than the player’s cell while avoiding being consumed by larger ones to accumulate as much mass as possible. Each player starts with one cell, but if it accumulates enough mass, they can divide it in half, giving them control over two cells. The winner of each 15-minute round is the last player to hold the top rank until the game resets. After each round, the top 3 players receive awards in the form of $HBN tokens; the more players who participate in the game, the better the prizes. In a weekly tournament the most active and productive users are eligible to win significant sums of $HBN tokens and distinctive NFTs, which can be used as skins in games. Hubinio is a great game for encouraging community interaction and utilizing P2E and NFT features.

HubinNetwork will be doing two tokens giveaway campaigns for its users of $3000 each. These campaigns are: Airdrop Campaign with the aim to spread awareness about the project and to get more people trading in it when it lists on an exchange and Referral Campaign that rewards existing customers for spreading the word about the Hubinio.

Total winners and rewards for Airdrop campaign are as follows:

  • $3000 worth of Tokens Airdropped to top 50 entries.
  • 1st place receives $300 worth of tokens
  • 2nd place receives $200 worth of tokens
  • 3rd place receives $150 worth of tokens
  • Remaining top 47 entries receives $50 worth of tokens

Total winners and rewards for Referral campaign are as follows:

  • 50 HBN each for 1000 randomly selected participants 
  • 170 HBN each for 100 referrers

Future of Hubinio

It’s not surprising that this sector has great numbers to its name, much like any other that receives the level of media attention and community support that Play 2 Earn does. NFT-based card games or collection challenges are more popular, which makes it no surprise that this has become a key component of blockchain gaming given the present popularity of NFTs. NFTs are the main characters of the powerups that players can use in-game, and this is the foundation around which many gaming platforms have built their games. With this said, there seems to be a bright future for HubinNetwork and their games in the age of Play 2 Earn.


Media Contact

Organization: HubinNetwork

Contact Person: @TheW1ldBunch

Email: [email protected]


City: Kaunas

Country: Lithuania

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Investing In Gold And Precious Metals

Gold IRA Dealer Lies: Get the guide & learn to avoid them! Request the guide that kept Joe Montana from making mistakes, so he could buy gold the right way for retirement. Get peace of mind about retirement savings. Get a gold IRA the right way. Easy, just 3 simple steps. Augusta Precious Metals does most of the gold IRA setup. Reliable, account lifetime support. Named best gold IRA company. Learn how to support retirement, make economics simple, understand the economy, learn how to diversify savings with a precious metals IRA – and give peace of mind.

Joe Montana instructed his financial team to find the best gold company in the United States and they found Augusta Precious Metals. Devlyn Steele is the director of education and on-staff Harvard-trained economic analyst. He teaches savers what’s going on in the economy. Isaac Nuriani, Augusta’s founder and CEO has a vision of empowering people to diversify their savings using gold and silver. Attend the latest web conference to get information needed to diversify retirement. Learn:

The gold IRA process & fees

How gold and silver can help retirement savers fight inflation

How federal reserve actions could trigger a recession

Concerns about the future of the U.S. dollar

How to avoid falling for gimmicks & high-pressure tactics when buying gold and silver

IRAs/401(k)s are Left High & Dry AGAIN. The Inflation Reduction Act is now the law of the land. It might be a “Big Win” for President Biden, but retirement savers could be the losers. The act will increase spending–again. This time by nearly $800 billion and projections say it will have zero impact on inflation. It leaves inflation free to erode retirement savings by:

Keeping the value of the U.S. dollar down

Keeping prices up

Reducing the buying power of money saved for decades

Shortening the weeks, months & years retirement funds will last

Liberal lawmakers & the administration say this will make lives better. But most Americans know that the numbers don’t add up. Learn how to fight inflation with a physical gold IRA. Download the “Inflation Fighter Kit” prepared by Harvard-trained economic analyst Devlyn Steele. Not only is the law expected to expand spending and keep inflation high, it allows the government to shake down taxpayers to pay for all that spending. The Inflation Reduction Act includes:

$80 billion to expand the IRS

60% of the $80 billion earmarked for tax enforcement

87,000 additional IRS employees by 2031

The IRS will more than double in size and that means more tax audits. Likely a lot, $200 billion worth! The White House insists enforcement under the new law will target only “wealthy corporate tax cheats.” Janet Yellen (who said inflation “won’t be a problem”) said: “Contrary to the misinformation from opponents of this legislation, small business or households earning $400,000 per year or less will not see an increase in the chances that they are audited. But the facts contradict her:

The act says nothing about income-limited audits.

Republicans submitted an amendment to protect Americans who earn less, and the Democrats voted it down.

Congress’s own Joint Committee on Taxation says between 78% and 90% of the additional $200 billion the IRS is expected to collect through the act will come from small businesses earning less than $200,000 per year!

So, the government is spending more, coming after Americans to pay the bill, and ignoring what the act’s own name suggests – reducing inflation!

The big question is, “How can you prepare?” The answer is to diversify! Request the FREE 28 page Gold IRA Guide, Full Of Intel And Tools To Help Diversify Now and hedge against inflation. For more information go to:

Augusta Precious Metals
[email protected]

5830 East 2nd Street

United States

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MD Khalilur Rahman Wins the Curry Oscar

Bangladeshi Chef, Md. Khalilur Rahman won the British Curry Awards 2022/ ‘Curry Oscar”, the highest honor for culinary artists in the hospitality industry. He won this incredible accolade as ‘The Personality of the Year’.

The award was presented to Chef Khalil by Geoffrey Ali, son of the late Enam Ali, the founder of the British Curry Awards at ‘The Evolution London’ on November 28, 2022, in the presence of two thousand guests.

Notably, MD Khalilur Rahman has also received the US-Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for successfully establishing his restaurant venture and extending outstanding community contributions.

British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, expressed his heart-warming word of appreciation through a pre-recorded video. Due to his busy schedule, he couldn’t be physically present at the event yet conveyed his best wishes for the nominees.

The mega event was dazzled with the presence of esteemed personalities and celebrities. Syeda Muna Tasnim, the Bangladesh High Commissioner in London, made a significant presence in the program.

The British Curry Awards, also known as the Curry Oscars, is a globally recognised award ceremony that honors restaurant owners worldwide. In association with Just Eat, the British Curry Awards paid tribute to the finest curry houses, as voted for by the British public. Based on the public’s choices, the nomination process is authentic as it follows rigorous steps with an independent panel of judges. Justine Ali, daughter of Enam Ali MBE, was in charge of the mega-event.

Md. Khalilur Rahman has 3 ventures under Khalil’s FoodKhalil Biryani House, Khalil Halal Chinese and Khalil Catering – highly acclaimed restaurants serving authentic flavors of Bangladeshi dishes and diverse meals in the Bronx and Jamaica. The restaurant’s delicious meals have attracted renowned personalities from different parts of the world. MD Khalilur Rahman’s original recipe, Biden Biryani, has been the turning point in his culinary career. It brought him massive fame and appreciation at home and abroad.

It’s a moment of immense pride and honor for the Bangladeshi community as MD Khalilur Rahman makes history by becoming the first person outside the UK to win the award from the “Best Personality of the Year” category.

Shera Digital 360

17221 Hillside Avenue, Suite 207, Queens

United States

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Quirky Body Care Gifts For Galentine’s Day: Charcoal Scented Bath Bombs Launch

The new range features many pamper products, such as bath bombs, sheet masks, lip balms, and soaps. Suitable for gifting on Christmas or Galentine’s Day, the products are designed to encourage women to relax, look after themselves, and find time for pampering. The products are presented in colorful packages that feature loud patterns and designs.

More information can be found by visiting

Many of the items in the collection have been hand-made in the United States and are vegan and cruelty-free. Some contain natural ingredients, such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and vitamin e – all of which are nourishing.

Customers will find many body care products such as scented bath bombs in the range. These include unconventional scents such as charcoal and mulled wine. Each bath bomb has been formulated to quickly dissolve and provide a bubbly bath.

In addition, the range features many novelty sheet masks. Sheet masks are cloth-based skincare treatments that offer moisturizing benefits and give the skin a smooth and radiant appearance.

Customers can choose between the H20 Hydrating, Pinky Promise Rejuvenating and Light The Night Illuminating masks. Other varieties include Everyday Pearl Brightening, Soothe Tea Tree Blemish Clearing, and Garden Chamomile Flower.

Items in the collection start at $1. Orders are delivered within one to two business days and complimentary shipping is available on orders over $50.

A spokesperson for the company says, “This body care collection includes all the things you need to make your body feel smooth and smell great. From lip balms, and novelty eye masks, to rock soap, nail polish and hand sanitizers, the range is extremely giftable and sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Every item has been created to provide a luxurious, pampered feeling for busy women who need it the most.”

About The Company

GetBullish is an online store that provides novelty gifts for women. As well as body care items, they also sell clothing, accessories, and homeware that reflect the modern woman. Some of their bestsellers include the emotional baggage tote bag and the ‘woman of leisure’ wine glass.

To learn more, visit and the URL above.

[email protected]

254 36th St
Suite C244
United States

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“Afterlife Incredible Irrefutable” is Now FREE On Kindle Until December 6th

In this time when many are dying and despairing of life itself because of covid mandates, economic distress, and war there is the need for what is strongly confirmed as real and filled with lasting hope. David James Thomson has just released his new book, Afterlife Incredible Irrefutable, which you can purchase for free on Amazon as a Kindle ebook until midnight December 6, 2022, by going to

The book is expected to become a big hit with fans of the Near Death Experience world. It is a large book of 367 pages in print format. The best sellers on the Afterlife do not give very thorough effective answers to the hardest questions on the Afterlife which this book does. It thoroughly pursues the eyewitness accounts of those from many persuasions of belief and backgrounds in pursuit of the truth. There is drama and suspense from the many testimonies of those highly confirmed to have been dead who have experienced entering this super ultra-real permanent realm. There are extensive detailed descriptions of many varied Afterlife realms including heaven and hell with a clear understanding presented of how all these very different Afterlife experiences all fit together. This book is also exceptional because it has two very interesting chapters out of the twenty which are secondary evidence of the Afterlife from many other fields of science such as particle physics and archeology. Additionally, there are also far more extensive live links than other Afterlife best sellers that go to many specific time points in YouTube videos to expose contradictions, confirmations, and wrong interpretations.

David Thomson is a deep thinker with a very scientific mind who is also effective as a researcher, writer, and teacher. He is a man who spends hours in prayer each day and had a very powerful open vision in 1975 of the supernatural with no influence from outside sources such as drugs. These are some of the factors that led to the creation of this amazing book, Afterlife Incredible Irrefutable.

When asked about why he wrote the book, Thomson said: “outrage over lies cloaked as so-called genuine scientific fact which are far from it and bring hopelessness and despair to most of the public.”

Thomson has hopes that the book will bring many to discover their ultimate destiny which is strongly confirmed by the many valid testimonies of those in this book who have experienced the afterlife.

In a recent interview, the author thanked God for giving him the gifting, patience, and grace to write this book, saying: “There was no other person that was involved in writing this book.”

Those interested in learning more about the book can visit here:

David James Thomson
[email protected]

21065 56 Avenue


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South Tahoe Lakefront Wine Bar & Lake Tahoe Event Venue

Starting off as a dream, Karen Walsh always wanted to own a wine bar. She spent years researching the perfect venue. Being a local the vision was to have a wine bar right on the water’s edge. Lake Tahoe as a backdrop is the perfect complement to wine tasting and good eats. She even had a name. A name that stuck with her from when her mother won a contest to name a new local ice cream store in her hometown, The Idle Hour.

After years of patiently waiting, The Idle Hour would become a reality when the current location became available. At the time it was just an office building with a view. Slowly office by office, she began creating with her team an oasis away from the busy downtown. 5 years and counting, Karen and her wonderful staff strive to make an experience locals and first-time visitors will not forget. The Idle Hour brings together wine tasting, an eclectic small bites menu, retail items, and an event space, all in a gorgeous Tahoe lakefront wine bar and venue. Visitors and locals looking for a one-of-a-kind location to relax and enjoy an array of boutique wines while soaking up the South Lake Tahoe lakefront will delight in the view from the expansive deck.

Looking for the quintessential Tahoe venue to host a wedding or event, The Idle Hour will rise to the occasion. Idle Hour’s lakefront event space and the deck is the only South Lake Tahoe venue of its kind. Sweeping panoramas, elegant interiors, and experienced staff help make a visit to The Idle Hour truly unforgettable. With several different options to reserve this venue, experienced staff, and a hands-on event manager, Idle Hour will strive on making events to remember as easy as possible. This venue can do it all from smaller baby showers to corporate outings and extravagant wedding ceremonies.

Wine experts and novices alike are at home in the warm and inviting interior of the Tahoe lakefront wine bar and tasting room. Guests can sample a wide selection of artisan wines, fresh-made pizzas, paninis made to order, or Abdallah chocolates, while they sip wine or shop for gifts. Looking for a Lake Tahoe shopping venue, The Idle Hour’s retail store has wine accessories, home decor, and treats from the South Bend Chocolate Company.

With awards coming in for “Best patio” and “Best wine selection” from Best of Tahoe. The mission is to keep creating new and fun ways to enjoy wine, food, and amazing Tahoe views with family friends, and fur babies. Visit the website or come down to The Idle Hour in South Lake Tahoe.

The Idle Hour
[email protected]
3351 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

United States

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Vault Launches New Mobile App to Help Bettors Track Bets and Trends All In One Place

Austin, Texas, USA — Vault has just released a new mobile app that helps sports bettors track their bets and trends all in one place, creating a more engaging experience for users.

Vault, one of the leading apps for sports bettors to help track their bets, stats, and trends in one place, has launched a brand new mobile app with the Vault Live feature which gives bettors live progress updates of their bets in real-time across all their sportsbooks.

The new feature will allow users to understand their game better and make informed decisions on what is going on throughout a game.

In addition, Vault has added several new features to the app, including a fresh user interface that allows bettors to keep track of stats, trends, and bets by syncing with their various sportsbooks, like DraftKings, Fanduel, and BetMGM, in one place.  Users will now be able seamlessly view and access their books and odds from one app. 

“We have worked hard over the past few years to build a product that bettors love,” said the founder, Caleb Dykema. “By giving bettors access to their stats and providing them the best promos and offers, we believe we’re giving sports bettors what they want most; more chances to win.”

“We think 2023 will be our biggest year of growth yet,” Caleb continued. “We have some big announcements that we think will change the industry landscape. Stay tuned.”

Caleb Dykema further shared news about some of their upcoming features. “I’m excited to announce that we’ll soon offer a way for players to connect and compete with their friends. With our upcoming feature, sports bettors will finally have a group chat designed specifically for them and will make the experience of betting all the more fun!,” explained Caleb.

To learn more visit:

About Company: 

Vault is a free app designed for sports bettors to enable them to track their bets, stats, and trends in one place. It syncs with your favorite sportsbooks like DraftKings, Fanduel, and BetMGM, so all your bets and stats are tracked for you. Two former college graduates founded the company in 2020 and built tools to help sports bettors bet smarter. Since then, Vault has become one of the fastest-growing bet tracking apps in the sports betting industry.

Media Contact

Company Name: Vault

Contact Person:  Caleb Dykema

Email:  [email protected]


Kenes Rakishev awards 2022 boxing champions with cash prizes and gifts

Kazakhstan has deep boxing tradition and the sport is in highest esteem. Keeping it in a good shape, supporting the sportsmen is the primary goal of Kazakhstan Boxing Federation and president Kenes Rakishev.  The winners and prize-winners of the Asian Boxing Championship 2022 were awarded a monetary reward from the President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Kenes Rakishev. This tradition is well established within the Federation: Rakishev visits all the international and national championships to support his team.

On November 29, 2022, in Almaty, according to the already established tradition, a press conference and a solemn celebration of the winners and prize-winners of the Asian Boxing Championship among men and women in Amman, Jordan took place. The medalists received cash certificates and iPhone PRO phones from the personal funds of the President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Kenes Rakishev.

The team members who contributed to the successful result were not left without attention: the coaching staff, personal trainers and representatives of the integrated scientific group of boxers. In total, about 50 people!

Kenes Rakishev personally rewards sportsmen and the team members

The award ceremony was attended by the leadership of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation, headed by its President Kenes Rakishev.

Thus, the Asian champions received certificates from the President of the CFB in the amount of 5 million tenge each;

  • Alua Balkibekova (48 kg),
  • Zhaina Shekerbekova (54 kg)
  • Karina Ibragimova (57 kg),
  • Sanzhar Tashkent Bay (48 kg),
  • Aslanbek Shymbergenov (71 kg),
  • Aibek Oralbai (-92 kg).

The silver medalists of the CHA were awarded 2 million each;

  • Gulsaya Yerzhan (81 kg),
  • Saken Bibosynov (51 kg),
  • Mahmud Sabyrkhan (54 kg),
  • Serik Temirzhanov (57 kg),
  • Dulat Bekbauov (67 kg),
  • Nurkanat Rayys (75 kg),
  • Kamshybek Kunkabayev (+92kg).

The bronze medalists of the Asian Championship in Amman were awarded 1 million tenge each;

  • Nazym Kyzaybay (50 kg),
  • Zhazira Orakbayeva (52 kg),
  • Madina Nurshayeva (66 kg),
  • Dariga Shakimova (70 kg),
  • Lazzat Kungeibayeva (+81kg),
  • Samatali Toltaev (60 kg),
  • Nurbek Oralbai (80 kg),
  • Sagyndyk Togambay (86 kg).

Also, the coaching staffs headed by Kairat Satzhanov and Shamil Safiullin received their certificates. They were entitled to 1.5 million tenge each. Representatives of the coaching staff and personal trainers of prize-winning boxers received 1 million tenge each. Moreover, the specialists of the integrated scientific groups of the national teams were also awarded with monetary certificates.

“Today we have moved away from the traditional format of our award ceremonies. I personally saw the finals with the participation of our boxers in Amman and these fights made me think – what is missing for Kazakhstani boxers at the most important moment? In the battle for gold medals, when it remains to take only half a step to the highest step of the podium, for some reason our “stop”. In order to work with their psychology, raise their self-esteem even higher and believe in themselves, I specially invited Radislav Gandapas, the most famous coach and motivator of the CIS, from Moscow. Our work with athletes on this will definitely continue, ahead of the World Cup in Uzbekistan and the Asian Games in China,” Kenes Rakishev said.

It is worth noting that the International Boxing Association (IBA) has already announced that at the World Cup in Tashkent-2023, the winners will receive 200 thousand US dollars each. As part of the award ceremony, Kenes Rakishev also made a statement – in addition to the prize money from the IBA, the winning boxers of the NSC will receive 100 thousand US dollars from his personal funds following the results of the fights in the capital of Uzbekistan.

Returning to the topic of motivation of certified coach and author of the workshop “Declare yourself” Radislav Gandapas, his workshop for masters of leather gloves made a great impression. The parties agreed for the future that this is not the last work of the Gandapas for Kazakhstani boxers. All these steps taken by Kenes Rakishev, president of the KBF, of course, should bear fruit for our athletes.

Almost immediately after awarding the winners and prize-winners of the Asian Championship, the men’s Boxing Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan starts in Pavlodar. It should be noted that due to the late dates of the continental competitions in Amman, the above-mentioned prize-winners and champions will not perform at the republican competitions. Of the entire main squad in Pavlodar, only Sanatali Toltaev will box in the Olympic weight up to 63.5 kg.

hiblocks Announces the Launch of HIBS Token

New York, NY, December 05, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – hiblocks is proud to announce that HIBS Token will be officially available on at 10:00 UTC on December 5th, 2022. hiblocks is building an ecosystem around their native asset, HIBS Token. One of the primary projects is the blockchain-based social media app HABL, which rewards users in HIBS Token for their social media activities, including giving likes, votes, staking, uploading, and sharing posts.

Additionally, hiblocks is preparing to launch services like Challenge Run (M2E), Produckfi (a media production budget management app), HABL Stone (NFT), VR NFT Marketplace, and others, which places HIBS Token as the foundation that ties every service among the ecosystem.

With that, the HIBS Team’s long-term plan is to make its services available to the global community. Therefore, it is imperative to make HIBS Token accessible so users can find no difficulty in trading HIBS.

hiblocks is excited to reach a new part of a community through this listing and promise to deliver a better service as they grow as a brand and company.

The Startup event for HIBS Token on will officially open from December 4th, at 07:00 UTC to December 5th at 07:00 UTC.


Founded in 2013, is one of world’s pioneers of crypto-to-crypto exchanges. After being rebranded to in 2017, it is one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms with a leading Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform, numerous cryptocurrencies, margin trading with leverage, and other advanced financial services like margin lending or borrowing. is a leading global crypto exchange platform with 180 coins and nearly 400 other cryptocurrency markets.The team is security-savvy and was rated as one of the top exchanges in terms of cybersecurity by CER. Users can secure their accounts in multiple ways, and the platform has many built-in security mechanisms.

Social Links



YouTube –

Media Contact

Brand: hiblocks

Contact: Jungwon Shu

E-Mail: [email protected]


SOURCE: hiblocks

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The On-Site Meeting of ‘Beautiful Countryside Construction – Qianwan Project’ Held in Jiande, Hangzhou

Hanzhou, China, December 04, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Jiande Municipal Committee announces that the on-site meeting of ‘Beautiful Countryside Construction – Qianwan Project’ is held in Jiande city, Hangzhou city. The on-site meeting was held on December 2nd. The delegates from Hangzhou walked into the countryside with great interest and experienced the charm of Jiande beautiful countryside.


Since Zhejiang implemented the project of “Demonstration of Thousand Villages and Renovation of Ten Thousand Villages” in 2003, Hangzhou has adhered to the idea of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” as its development, and continuously promoted the “Qianwan Project”. Hangzhou is also leading in beautiful countryside construction. It is understood that 85% of the existing more than 2,000 villages in Hangzhou have built beautiful countryside. By the end of this year, Hangzhou will have built a “beautiful countryside” in an all-round way. This on-site meeting will plan the objectives, tasks, carriers and practical paths for Hangzhou to further promote the “Qianwan Project”, build a livable, suitable industry and beautiful countryside, and work together to write a new chapter of high-quality development.

In recent years, centering on the general goal of “promoting common prosperity and building a livable Jiande in an all-round way”, in the construction of beautiful countryside, it has adhered to the principle of party building to guide convergence, optimize ecology, promote industrial development, resolutely adhered to the ecology, pushed forward the “Qianwan Project” in depth, and drew a blueprint for common prosperity. It has successively won the title of “Encouraging County” with obvious improvement effect on rural human settlements in the State Council, Beautiful Countryside Model County in the new era.

On the same day, Fu Yongwei, secretary of Jiande Municipal Committee, talked about “protecting the ecology and creating a beautiful home for common prosperity” at the meeting. Jiande’s “Three Persistences” got a good response at the meeting. Taking “environment” as the foundation, it continuously polishes the beautiful rural ecological outlook; Taking “industry” as the core, it continuously promotes the beautiful countryside economic value; With “people’s livelihood” as the core, the happiness of beautiful countryside is constantly improved. In the next step, Jiande will continue to promote the construction of beautiful countryside, make efforts to strengthen the village and enrich the people, and make greater contributions to the vivid practice of “two pioneers” in rural Hangzhou.

Beautiful countryside not only makes villages beautiful, but also drives industries. Zhijiang Village is one of the first batch of 36 “future villages” in China, and the delegates praised its “beauty has turned into a bright future”. On both sides of Xin’an River in Zhijiang Village, ten photography spots were designed along the way, such as “Fishing Boat Singing in the Evening” and “Boating Amid the Smoke”, which attracted many photographers and beautiful women and brought great popularity to local homestays. During this period, the delegates also went deep into the school, market and other places to experience the effectiveness of beautiful countryside’s construction.

Zhejiang’s strawberry is in Jiande, and Jiande’s strawberry is in Yangcun Bridge. At Yangcun Bridge, the delegates visited the strawberry planting history, the construction mode of agricultural industry “standard field” and the talent project of “strawberry master” in Jiande through greenhouse, strawberry co-prosperity workshop and aerial strawberry science and technology planting demonstration garden, and got a deep understanding of outstanding rural talents such as “Qiangcun Company”, “co-prosperity workshop”, “Nongchuangke” and “Jiande Master”, which made important contributions to the rise of beautiful countryside.

In Meicheng Town, the delegates visited the provincial-level Intangible Cultural Heritage program of Yanzhou Shrimp Lantern in “Qianhe Family” Square, and visited Qianhe Culture Auditorium, Heju Living Room, Qianhe Women’s Militia Heritage Hall, Hejia Children’s Hall and other places, and experienced the historical and cultural charm of the revival of this thousand-year-old city, and felt the new look of beautiful countryside construction in the new era.

How to build the beautiful countryside in the new period? In the afternoon, the meeting shows the video of “Beautiful Village, a Prosperous Future”. Hangzhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau (Hangzhou), Jiande city, Linping District, Zhongshan Township, Fuyang District, Lishan Town and Anding Village respectively exchanged their experiences.

The goal of the “Five Beauties” construction is: to build beautiful countryside in the new era, there must be the harmony between landscape and nature, the blending of modern and traditional humanities, the beauty of vitality in which livable and suitable for business complement each other, the beauty of coordination between urban and rural development, and the beauty of harmony between civilization and good governance.

To this end, Hangzhou has issued the “Seven Actions”, and put forward specific requirements from rural construction, human settlements improvement, industrial revitalization, public service improvement, modernization of governance, strengthening villages and enriching people, and digital rural construction. For example, Hangzhou will start a number of digital villages and future rural construction next year, and further improve the overall mechanism of reserved land in villages and towns to promote the flow of urban resources to villages.

“Hangzhou should solidly promote the revitalization of rural industries, talents, culture, ecology, organization and other aspects, and strive for the common prosperity and modernization of Hangzhou.” The relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Agriculture Bureau (Hangzhou Rural Revitalization Bureau) said.

Media contact

Publicity Department of Jiande Municipal Committee

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +86 15857143688


SOURCE: Publicity Department of Jiande Municipal Committee

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